Celebrating All the Days Together

weddingSee that couple, so young and soigné, with the bridesmaids dressed in white?

That couple got married 25 years ago today.

He will spend the anniversary in the hospital. She will visit. They will tell each other that it’s no big deal, that they will celebrate the anniversary when he gets the “all clear” from the doctors.

And they’ll mean it.

After being married for 9,125 days, this day, May 26, 2015, is just another day. It’s those 9,125 that matter, and the days yet to come.

She channels her inner Pollyanna and tells herself that this hospital stay, this blip on the radar, should ensure many more days to come.

And she acknowledges that being apart on their anniversary may make her even more aware of what a good thing they have going.

She felt incredibly fortunate 25 years ago, and she still does today.

71 thoughts on “Celebrating All the Days Together

  1. Happy anniversary and my sincerest wishes for many more to come. It’s a celebration that you will in fact be visiting the hospital today and not somewhere else.

  2. You two will look back and laugh at how you spent your 25th anniversary. Congrats! So impressive to be able to look back, look forward and know you are with the perfect partner.

    I’m sorry the celebration is in the hospital but things will get better!

    I love your wedding picture, it’s perfection and incredibly sweet!

    • Thanks, Cathe–I love that photo, too. We had the smallest, simplest wedding-of-introverts and have never regretted a moment. And my husband is getting out of the hospital today!

  3. Dear Kerry, Congratulations!! Love for ever lasting has to be celebrated no matter where you are. Once your Don is home again, you will have a triple celebration, lots of laughter and a fluttering handkerchief with relief and gratefullness. And those are the best bridesmaids I have ever seen.
    Healing thoughts and lots love are coming your way all the from Ohio! xo Johanna

  4. I think the silver for your 25th wedding anniversary must be in the silver lining of your husband’s prognosis. And I like that so many members of your wedding party wore white.

    • Yes, we were all so virginal. 😉 I like your interpretation of the silver anniversary/lining and it gets better–they’re sending him home today!

  5. Happy anniversary Kerry and Don. Apparently there is a duck breed called ‘Silver Appleyard’ – the perfect gift for your silver wedding… now if I can just work out how to send you a couple from the UK…

  6. What a wonderful wedding with such perfect bridesmaids. You are able to be optimistic that your anniversary celebration will wait… so it will.. and be all the sweeter for its double reason to be quietly joyful. All good wishes to you both.

  7. Happy anniversary to you and Don! What a handsome couple! What a lovely picture! Is that Lake Champlain in the background? Sending lots of good vibes your way.

  8. I remember that day! The lake, the sun, those DUCKS following instructions so well! And you and Don. So happy, still happy. He’ll give a helluva concert on the sea wall shortly and sing to his still lovely bride. Love you both – Happy Anniversary!

  9. ❤ This has to be among the best of wedding day photos ever! It looks like you began as you have continued!! I am happy to have just read your mixed metaphor [ 🙂 ] message that everything is on the mend – It's beginning to sound as if you may have just had a wee nudge to ensure you value everything in your life as much as possible…… either that or one of those solar flares just made it to your neck of the woods! Keep on Pollyannaering xoxo

    • “Pollyannaering”–I like that! It’s seems to be paying off–they are releasing him from the hospital later today. He’s VERY excited, as you might imagine! And I’m so glad you like the wedding photo–it’s one of my all-time favorites! Those ducks were around all that summer and were always trying to cadge a treat. It was easy to get them to stand still for the photo–I had a little bread in my hand!

  10. Ah, happiest of happy anniversaries and many more to come. I am putting you down for the Sunshine award, which the past couple posts have sealed. You don’t have to do a thing. Just accept it and put the little photo in your next blog. Should you wish to nominate another person (and that isn’t necessary) go ahead. Otherwise, sit back and look forward to the next few anniversaries!

    • They didn’t kvetch about their outfits and they didn’t show too much cleavage either! Or get drunk and embarrass themselves! I’m telling you, ducks are the way to go!

  11. 25 years! Congratulations! And it sounds like you have been loving and caring for one another every single one of those 9,125 days!
    I pray your husband will have a quick and complete recovery, and you have many more years together! 🙂

  12. I wish I had ducks at my wedding!

    I am so sorry your husband is sick and in the hospital! I’m glad he got help immediately and is on the mend. This is tough, but also is In many ways a wonderful celebration of the true, beautiful meaning of love and partnership. I love seeing people’s happy days, but I also feel so good to see someone there for another, being strong and positive and loving. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of that 🙂

    • What a lovely comment, Jackie! I agree that there are many, many photos from the ecstatic wedding days but we don’t as often see celebrations of all the days that come after. My husband is coming home today and very happy about it!

  13. Love your attitude, Kerry! After 25 years together, you know a temporary separation isn’t the end of the world–especially when Don’s prognosis is good. So thankful! Praying your world settles back down soon so you can have a belated celebration.

    • Thanks, Jean! Aren’t the ducks a hoot? They were sort of pesky all that summer, used to handouts from the boaters. But they were perfect, low-maintenance bridesmaids!

  14. Wow – 25 years! You are so young! It is indeed, such a charming picture and could have been taken in the 1970’s when I was married. I wanted to be married outdoors too, but my mother nixed that idea. She was so worried about the weather…it turned out to be a fabulous day in July, but oh well. (And my little bridesmaid dressed in white had been gone for a few years by then!)
    I didn’t read all the comments and replies but I hope you and your Dear One are celebrating now.

    • We’re not especially young, Deb–it was a second marriage for him and a late-ish one for me. It was supposed to rain the day we got married but the forecasters were wrong and it was perfect! And, yes, Don’s out of the hospital so we have lots of reasons to celebrate.

  15. Yes. Best of wishes to your husband. Happy anniversary to you both. May you have many more happy, healthy years together.
    And what a lovely bridge and groom and bridesmaids. A picture for the ages.

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