Dannemora Prison Break: The Denouement

I’m pleased to report, although you have probably already heard, that those of us who live in upstate New York can now say that, “Nobody ever SUCCESSFULLY escapes from Dannemora.”

After their really bold escape and three weeks of lurking in the daunting Adirondack wilderness, one of the escaped convicts was shot and killed a few days ago and, yesterday, the other was shot and captured.

And the best part of all? No one else was hurt, not one member of the many law enforcement teams, not one innocent citizen, no one!

Let normal summer activities resume!

36 thoughts on “Dannemora Prison Break: The Denouement

  1. I’ve been thinking of you over these last weeks. I’m glad it’s over. (Remember the end of The Fugitive? The marshal says “… it’s over. I’m glad. I need the rest.”) Hugs…

    • All the real action stayed far enough away from us (20 miles or so) that we never felt the drama directly. And, yet, I didn’t like leaving the front door unlocked when I was out back . . .

    • The folks who lived in the areas where there were actual sightings had it worst–helicopters 24/7, bullhorns, cops everywhere. But everyone here is feeling relief, to one degree or another!

  2. Soooo glad for this news. I thought of you all the while it was going on–and of the people trying to rent cabins to reluctant tourists. But, the biggest thing is that your comment re black flies proved true. Apparently the one they captured was covered with bug bites. Just glad everyone is safe now–at least from these two!

    • I can’t help but think that the one guy was a little relieved to be caught. The black flies could drive a person crazy–literally, I think! And I’ve read the tourism has not been down during all this–I was surprised!

  3. What a relief, so very important to feel safe and sound in your own neck of the woods. Very unsettling to have the possibility of bad guys lurking about. So happy to hear that you are free from worry…….. Enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the outdoors, glad all is well for you and those that live around you.

    • The unsettling part was when it went days at a time with no sightings of the guys. Then, you could imagine them being almost anywhere, including your own backyard! Lots of big sighs of relief around here!

      • I guess we take our safety for granted sometimes, and then something like this happens and we feel quite vulnerable. Bottom line……safety and comfort returned and that’s good!
        keep enjoying the summer!

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