Michigan Red Hots–Hot Dog!

Are you looking for something different for your 4th of July picnic? Want a regional American recipe for your summer celebration? This post, about Michigan red hots from upstate New York, is BY FAR my most popular post ever!

Love Those "Hands at Home"

IMG_3809Looking for a new recipe for a tailgate or fall party? Need to feed a lot of people at a Super Bowl gathering? Want a recipe that most people will never have heard of before and will have them clamoring for more?

You need to make Michigan Red Hots!

Michigans have something for everyone. Well, except vegetarians. And the gluten intolerant. And dieters. Almost everyone.

They have a history, dating back to the 1920s.

They are the subject of long-standing debates and rifts among family members.

They are homey and regional yet are on the verge of being discovered. You can be on the leading edge of the Michigan revolution.

Make these now and you’ll be able to say, “I was Michigan before Michigan was cool!”

Okay, okay—so what is a Michigan? It’s a hot dog in a bun with meat sauce on top.

Don’t you think that sounds special?…

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10 thoughts on “Michigan Red Hots–Hot Dog!

  1. Happy July 4th!! We have some friends from Indiana, they make these hot dogs. So yummy.. I have never been able to match the taste of theirs. The sad part is I have her recipe!!

    • Some recipes are like that–they only taste right when one person makes them. My grandmother made sour milk cookies that I can’t replicate . . . .

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