43 thoughts on “Helpful Paws at Home

      • Did you see on Facebook ( and also in a comment on my latest post) I posted a video about an amazing embroidery project on the Magna Carta? It fits so well with your Arachne post.

          • I was SO EXCITED about it. I wonder if it will be taken on tour? Also when I saw the way they were embroidering the words I thought about your quilt project where you printed and then embroidered the words.

          • Yes! I thought the same thing–love the idea of special words, no matter where! And I also thought of the Great Tapestry of Scotland–embroidery is certainly alive and well in the UK! Are you going to do a blog post about this? If not, maybe I will try to . . . not sure I can do it justice, though.

          • No, I won’t be doing a blog post on it. So please do. I am sure you could do it justice. The Great Tapestry of Scotland was brilliant too. Did you post about that or did I see it somewhere else?

  1. Oh yes, let me help you out here………I have a friend who has had a warp on the loom for ‘years’
    with a cat sleeping on it and who is she to disturb a cat ! LOL And…..I would like to see that pattern more clearly please and thank you!

    • I had a cat who did the same thing with my quilt frame–I never got any quilting done! If I ever finish the coasters on the loom in the photo, maybe I’ll show them. It’s a Monk’s belt pattern and it has given me fits. Everyone says Monk’s belt is so easy but it hasn’t been for me!

  2. Cute! S/he looks a bit annoyed. Are you actually trying to weave? Monksbelt is lovely but the selvedges are tricky. I’m in Gatlinburg and saw some finely woven scarves yesterday with Perfect selvedges! Perfect. They give me fits, particularly with something like monksbelt. Looks good so far. 😼

  3. Purrfect! sorry, I could not resist that)
    I love the way that our cats love to come so close when we are sewing, weaving or reading the paper! It helps I think. And that is one gorgeous cat!

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