41 thoughts on “Lazy Days at Home

  1. I agree! I’ve been trying to get out and enjoy the sun before it’s too late! I’m not very good at “just sitting” either, but even a 1/2 hour with a magazine or good book is great!

    • You know, I’ve never tried audio books. People seem to love them. My husband has music playing for, literally, every waking moment so I’m more used to weaving to that beat.

  2. I just can’t picture you sitting for long without doing something else…like weaving. I’m sure that mind of yours is thinking of all kinds of things to do when you stop “just sitting”.

    • Sometimes I have to force myself. In a few short months, I’ll be housebound and my beautiful lake will be frozen over. I don’t want to regret not enjoying it while I could!

    • It’s definitely easier with a book. But I’d like to get to the point where I can just sit and feast my eyes on the scenery and enjoy just . . . being there.

  3. Ha Ha Kerry, so funny to see this post, just yesterday I drove by our neighbors and caught a glimpse of Betty ( our neighbor) sitting out in one of those swing chairs, feet curled up, reading! I thought to myself, that looks very tempting. I think I spotted a beverage sitting next to her as well. Hmm….Just might have to give this a try!!! I do think you are so spot on about capturing these days of summer in some relaxing and idyllic way, they are fleeting, and we may regret not allowing ourselves the gift them come January! I need a good book….any suggestions? Hope you are having a glorious summer!

    • I have a hard time imagining you sitting and reading with all the chores you have on your list–but I encourage you to fit some “me” time in! My summer reading is almost exclusively mysteries. If you like mysteries I’d recommend Louise Penny without reservation and Deborah Crombie. Penny writes about the Eastern Townships area of Quebec and Montreal. Crombie’s books are set in London. Both are fine writers with very appealing characters that appear in very book.

      • Thank you for the suggestions, Kerry…..I don’t have a good book that I am reading at the moment, so I’ll be searching these titles out. I am learning to take some time away from the work…the farm, the nursery, to indulge in some quiet time. It could be reading or making something….as long as it doesn’t involve a chainsaw or weeding tool! Thank you for thinking of me, wise words !

  4. Good for you! It’s great to take some time to “recharge” our batteries, and for me it’s very similar to what you’re doing. To sit and read or write or watch the sun rise/set on the beach (my favorite!) is just as important as “working”. I always feel energized or inspired after I take some time to rest.

    • I have a very hard time making myself relax, even though I know it’s important! You’re right, though, that it’s needed, to “recharge” and regain energy!

  5. Your photo resulted in me turning my laptop every which way to see what you’re reading. I like reading with my feet up, and in the shade. My favorite time for outdoor reading is early evening. Reading midday will make me drowsy and I’ll start to drop off to sleep (which isn’t always a bad thing).

    Enjoy your relaxing time outdoors!

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