There’s A New Girl in Town: OMGigi!


What do we call her? One word.



She’s long and lean and sassy.


A perpetual motion machine, as if she has a hummingbird up her butt.

Until she wears herself out.

If I don’t show you new weaving for awhile, you’ll understand why!

Thank heaven for little girls.IMG_7572

82 thoughts on “There’s A New Girl in Town: OMGigi!

  1. Awww….she is so cute. She is very much like the little kitten who arrived at my sister’s house a few months ago and invited herself to stay. The old cats in the house took her arrival with perfect calm even though she is a whirlwind.

    • Yes, train us to watch every step we take, to watch every piece of string we leave lying around, to react quickly to every hiss from the older cats, etc., etc. What were we thinking? 😉

  2. What amazing photos! What a cute kitty! What a sweet face! She looks so intelligent. Does she get along with your other cats?

    • You would not believe how many photos I have that are nothing more than a blur! The other cats are doing pretty well–we’ve had the kitten about 3 weeks and they’re coming around. We actually also added yet another cat about the same time . . . more on him at some later date!

  3. MEEEEEELT!!! oh what a beautiful sassy little girl. And I can see, she has found the way to heart very quickly;00 To all our hearts!!! (and I am not even a cat person) What a lucky girl to have found a home in your house! xo Johanna
    ps it does call out for some pink weaving, for a little cat cushion.

    • Even non-cat people can fall in love with a kitten (don’t tell Charley!) She had a bright pink collar when we got her but she’s outgrown it already. And if she’d only let me weave, I’d be happy to make a cushion for her. She thinks the looms are her playground equipment!

  4. Oh My!! 😀 She is a beauty!! You are done with weaving for quite a while I’d say! When Orlando first arrived I put my crochet work away and it didn’t come out again for a good five years – he loved yarn!!! Now he just looks at it in action and settles in beside me for a long sleep.

    When Siddy first arrived I was so addled and sleep deprived and exhausted with the constant monitoring and attention giving and changing up of my previously well ordered life style, I can’t remember much at all of his first three months.

    But we wouldn’t change a whit of it would we – enjoy, enjoy!! ❤

    • I haven’t done one creative, productive thing for three weeks! The plan is to move my loom, which is small enough to be quite portable, into a guest room, where I can close the door on marauding kittens. But she is so much fun, I don’t mind changing things up for her!

  5. I love it! Gigi is absolutely beautiful…and before I saw the video you posted I couldn’t help but go to that movie in my mind!!! I love her! Keep us posted on Gigi!! Congratulations!!

    • You can appreciate the fun of a new pet baby since you’re waiting for your pup! One of the other readers posted that video link but, yes, I had that Gigi in mind when we named her!

    • We hadn’t had a kitten in about 12 years, even though we’ve adopted new older cats in the years in between. I had forgotten a) how much fun and b) how exhausting they are!

      • They are exhausting! It’s a lot like chasing after a toddler. We too have only added older cats to the mix. The last two strays were in their teens or close to it when they arrived. We adopted Lindy from the Humane Society and she was about three then. It has its pros and cons. We only had Beijing for a few years before she grew sick. It was very sad to see her go. I love cats…can you tell? I love all animals really, but I’ve always had an affinity for kitties.

        • I’m with you–love all animals but I want cats in my home. We live in a rural setting and there always seems to be an abandoned cat or a stray around who needs love and care. Gigi’s mother was a feral, brought in to the vet by a local volunteer group. The folks at the vet socialized the 7 kittens and got homes for all–such valuable work!

          • I have a friend that does amazing work on behalf of stray cats. It’s a calling for many. I don’t know if I could bare it. I barely make it out of the animal shelter without wanting to fill my car with homeless cats.

            I try to understand how anyone could abandon an animal. Do they really think a cat can get by in the wild? I suppose some of them do, but many more perish. We need to keep educating people while at the same time continue to spay and neuter cats.

            Your vet sounds wonderful!

    • I know–I love that little ocelot tummy! There were 7 kittens in her litter and they all had the same markings–I could’ve bought them all home (and completely lost my sanity)!

    • I think she’s pretty smart–she’s already started to learn that the spray water bottle comes out when she is on the loom! But she’s devious, too (so many smart people are!) and lots of laughs.

  6. Gigi is gorgeous! I’m typing this with Duchess sitting on my knee (our 18 month old white and tabby cat) – she gets up to all sorts of mischief and baits the dog (who then ends up getting into trouble) but she has been a delightful addition to our family (she came along just after our beautiful nearly 19 year old black cat passed away). Good luck! 🙂

      • She’s calming down a bit Kerry! She has a lot more confidence than when she was a little kitten so does get up to lots of adventures and manages to knock things over along the way. I nearly lost some china the other day when the back of the chair she had jumped up on tilted over into the china cabinet!!

  7. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!! She looks like Tarragon, our cat #4 from a very long time ago. A quilter I knew referred to “cat butter” which Gigi certainly looks like. We call it “cat noodles’ when a cat stretches out to their whole length and conks out. Did I say I was jealous????

    • I knew you’d love this post! Doesn’t it make you want a kitten of your own? Truly, I had forgotten how fun and utterly exhausting a kitten can be. But then she gets sleepy and all limp and malleable and I can’t keep my hands off her!

  8. OMG! Kitten! Love her markings. So pretty. Also the way she lays on the floor like her hips are disjointed. That is exactly how our torti kitty lays (she’s nearing 10 months now). I was just telling my husband I have never seen a cat lay like that before. I wish you loads of patience! 😉 It’s a good thing they’re cute because, whew, kittens are exhausting!

    • They are exhausting! But we have other cats and they take up some of the slack–Gigi is very interested in them so she isn’t looking to us for all her needs. We had a cat, who just died in March, who did that thing, lying with the hips splayed, as well–I’m happy to see it around the house again–I’d missed it!

  9. I have fallen totally in love with Gigi! She is so pretty and I love her markings! She is just like Bengal. When you are used to elderly cats it is such a shock, as well as a joy to have a kitten. I have damage throughout my house which was caused by kittens over the years- pulled threads on screens which they ran up, holes in a woollen dressing gown when they would get into my wardrobe and hang off my clothes and damaged curtains which they ran up. And of course, it takes ages for them to be calm enough to build that special connection and bond between human and animal.
    But to have a new kitten is like being in heaven and I am full of happiness at the thought of the pleasure it will bring you.

    • I knew you’d be excited about this, Karen! She is a complete wild child and our older cats are shocked and awed, but also intrigued. We think she’s tons of fun!

      • I have one elderly cat left and have not introduced a kitten because Josef has a bad heart. But I long to share all the joy again which a new kitten brings. Please keep posting photos. I feel that Gigi is my beautiful but naughty God Cat! Those markings!…..just perfect! Have fun

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