3 thoughts on “IMG_3599

  1. This picture of her sleeping on the cloth is precious! They’re all precious. I have a little moggy named Maggie and at 6 she’s still running around, jumping, playing and generally getting under my feet! I adore her. So happy to meet Gigi and I look forward to many more escapades! P.S. See if you can get her to scratch a scratching board and not the furniture. Maggie prefers furniture and no one can make her stop. No one.

    • We have adult cats, too, who are setting a bad example regarding clawing the furniture so that’s a hopeless situation, I’m afraid. My attitude is that it’s only furniture and living things are more important!

      • That’s what I said. After trying to put her on the scratching post and moving her paws up and down a few hundred times …….. I had thought the leather furniture would be the last I buy and it just might – even with the pretty stuffing show on some corners 🙂

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