Presents from Pauline: Lucky Me!

IMG_8019What do you get when you mix creativity and whimsy and a happy outlook on life?

You get a Contented Crafter.

What do I get when I mix good luck with a great blog friend and a cat who recognizes, and wants to reward, an admirer?

I get not one but TWO gifts from the Contented Crafter!

My mail has brought me two different packages lately, all the way from Pauline in New Zealand. I knew, in theory, that I was getting these presents but was thrilled beyond measure when I saw both of the items in person!

First, I got the fingerless gloves inspired by La Boheme. Pauline had saved the black gloves from the landfill and embellished them in bright colors. She offered them to readers—maybe you’ve received a pair, too?IMG_8036

Mine are done in shades of turquoise and they make even me, the prosaic one with her feet firmly planted on the ground, feel bohemian and a little wild. I can hardly wait for cooler weather so I can wear them for real!

Then, more recently, Pauline ran a giveaway for one of her “danglers” or light catchers. Her handsome and debonair cat, Orlando, chose the winner and he picked me. Way to go, Orlando!!

Orlando paw

photo by Pauline

The light catcher came in the mail this week and I love it, too!

It’s always exciting to get personal mail, period. But when it comes “par avion,” well, that’s the best!IMG_7945

Peeking inside the box—lovely presentation, with attention to every detail, and a card that’s a small work of art in its own right.

IMG_7949Then the light catcher itself—it looks delicate but is so heavy and substantial and well made! That gorgeous faceted-glass ball on the end anchors the whole strand and a mere breeze sets the parts twisting and throwing rainbow light.

And even better, Pauline added charms just for me!IMG_7950

See that? A heart, a hand, a house? See what she did? Love those hands at home! It’s me! I also got a guardian angel, a little blue doll, a book, and a sweet kitty. And lots of blue and silver.

It’s all so me.

Gigi and I have had a grand time with the light catcher. I wander around with it and look at the world through it and enjoy its prisms and refractions and sparkles. Gigi just wants to get her paws on it. Just once . . .

I will find the perfect spot for it, away from the cats but where even the winter sun will make it shine and remind me of a friend around the world, a friend who is sitting with her pets and making lovely things, even as I do the same here in upstate New York.

Thank you, Pauline, for these lovely gifts and for your friendship. Your generosity is staggering!

Pauline has recently set up a craft shop section on her blog and she has both the fingerless gloves and the light catchers available for purchase. She also sells original artwork in her distinctive style. Any of these items would brighten your world or would be a treasured gift to a friend. I should know!

44 thoughts on “Presents from Pauline: Lucky Me!

  1. I have some of those fingerless gloves, too!! Mine are green and I wore them late into our cold spring here. I expect I will be putting them on again in the fall. Yours are quite lovely and your light catcher with its charms is really beautiful. I can see it hung somewhere your little cat can chase rainbows!

  2. Fingerless gloves are the best! Especially those made by contented hands. 😉 Lovely to know that the light catcher has arrived. Make sure it catches lots of light now for the cold dark days ahead.

    • Gigi is definitely growing but she still looks tiny compared to the others. We got her at 12 weeks so we didn’t have her at that fuzzy, unformed stage, which was fine with me–they scare me when they’re that small.

  3. The light catcher will bring a beautiful show of color to any room. I keep promising myself to knit some fingerless gloves, maybe I’ll just do it this winter. What wonderful gifts!

    • I am still looking for just the right place for the light catcher–out of reach of those busy paws. The good thing is that she’s easily distractible at this age so, when she sets her eye on the light catcher, all i need to do is throw a ball . . .

  4. Good Morning Kerry! ❤ What a wonderful post to wake up to on a coolish Monday morning – you have set my week off to a fine start! Thank you for lavishing such praise and love on my creations – this simply makes my heart sing! I love seeing Gigi's intent face and that little paw rising up to hook the crystal globe in – that is exactly what Orlando used to do until he became an older and wiser fellow – It's a good way of testing strength, though I don't recommend it 😀 You model the mittens with great style too – way better than my puny efforts! So glad you enjoyed both your packages! xoxo

  5. Oh how lovely! It is a truly wonderful feeling when gifts of friendship are exchanged. And Pauline has sent such beautiful gifts! I love fingerless gloves which are perfect for when hunting for bargains at a yard sale or flea market. The light catcher is fabulous, but even more special because Gigi likes it too. The look of desire and intent in her eyes is just so entertaining. I hold your little cat in my heart already!

    • After this week, which will be very warm, temps will start to chill here and those gloves are going to come in very handy! Gigi has huge desire in regards to that light catcher–I will have to be vigilant!

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