Parting Shots of Summer

Summer wanes.

The light changes.

The TV is tuned to golf and college football (We are . . . !)


I list vintage woolies on Etsy.


And my thoughts turn to making chocolates.

english toffee-3

The garden keeps on giving.

The birds hum and the dragons fly.

Colors deepen and gleam.

IMG_3899Autumn is on its way . . .

49 thoughts on “Parting Shots of Summer

  1. Oh my gosh, what amazing photos! How did you get that hummingbird to pose???? And Gigi is a golf fan….who would have known?

  2. I always find Fall a bit melancholy, time winds down, we have moments to pause and savor a few last delicious gulps of warm weather, blooms, and the summer’s bounty. Love the photos capturing this time of year….chocolates and yarn……a good life, for sure!

  3. …….and a time for miracles…..sitting at the table at 5:30 a.m… watching orange and black butterfly wings appear in a chrysalis that was totally green yesterday! As summer wanes it offers new life!

  4. Amazing shots of the humming birs and dragonfly. The only thing about celebrating the advent of Autumn is that here in the UK we haven’t actually had summer yet…and now I guess we won’t, not this year. So we’re feeling slightly cheated.

  5. This is lovely. And Oh! Your chocolates! Soooo amazingly good. I’m headed for Central IL again, where it is apparently hotter than blue blazes and still summer! Beautiful photos–and thanks for explaining the the kitten love. I had a thought that maybe the tv was turned on for her pleasure.

    • We do leave the TV on for the cats when we go out! My husband thinks they like it. It’s actually still quite hot here–might be almost 90 in the next couple of days and that’s VERY unusual. But the quality of the light is still changing and the leaves are starting to turn colors–fall is definitely on the way. Have a good trip!

    • Chocolate is the answer to most questions and the solution for most problems! It’s still to hot here to work with it but the weather patterns are due to change soon!

  6. Winter is coming early by our local predictors. All my farmer friends agree. Stock up on projects for cold days. I’ll write more about this soon. First, Labor Day weekend music festival and warm enough for wearing shorts during the day.

  7. Love your photos and especially the blues and greens going on your loom. To me, because of the start of school, September always feels like I am getting a fresh start, new blank notebooks, and the future is wide open.

    • I feel much the same way about autumn– since I went directly from grad school to teaching at college, I’m hardwired to see fall in certain ways! The blue and green warp was much prettier as warp than it is turning out when I introduce weft. I am not good at visualizing these interactions of colors. . . .

  8. In Ohio the chief signs of autumn are all the mums for sale. Your cat’s fascination with TV sports reminds me of my girlhood cat who used to watch the thoroughbred horse races with me. He’d sit on top of the TV (the big old box kind) and swat at the horses with his paws. Thanks for reminding me of a long forgotten bit of foolishness that made me smile.

  9. Hi Kerry! How wonderful to come by your blog and see these lovely photos! The colors of the linen yarn are so, so beautiful, and of course, I do love a Black Eyed Susan.
    If I remember correctly, you are Penn State fans, right? (Marshall has always used We Are as well). Sorry about that opening game. VT is up against Ohio State tomorrow … oh my!
    This post resonates with so much simple goodness.

  10. Some wonderful photos Kerry – the chocolates look delicious! We are the opposite of course here – it is starting to warm up was 24 degrees today but then it is still cool in the evenings. In fact it will be quite hot the next couple of days then we’re going to get lots of rain and much cooler weather. Some nights I still light the wood fire but will be doing so less and less in the coming weeks. Autumn is just about my favourite season though I like spring a lot too!

  11. It’s funny – I used to feel a bit melancholy about Fall coming, but now that we live in SC I am relieved! We had temps in the 100’s in June and I am really tired of the heat! We’re now in the 80’s, which is lovely…
    Offsetting the melancholy though, is Fall decorating! I love pumpkins and witches and candles everywhere and beautiful leaves and chrysanthemums! And hooked rugs and sweaters and weaving wool…

    • The cool weather has come as a relief here, too–we had nearly 90 this week! I think SC would be a nice balance–not toooooo cold but cool enough that it feels like fall and you can wear wool sometimes and maybe have a little campfire.

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