30 thoughts on “Words to Ponder . . .

  1. When spinning yarn, it’s always the knobby irregular skeins people are most drawn to. I love pottery that has a dimple in it, the pieces that a potter may consider ‘seconds’. I think most humans are o.k with imperfection, it may be our empathetic nature to be this way. More to think on Kerry, as usual….however I’m still pondering the thoughts of your last post ” how do we want to be remembered”. Thanks for all this mindful posts!

    • I think we connect with handmade pieces in ways we can never feel about mass-produced ones, mostly because they bear the marks of their makers. It’s like those ancient handprints archaeologists have found amid cave paintings–a human, like me, was here . . .

  2. I agree with ferwoodnursery above — we are drawn to those pieces that show character flaws. And yet when submitting something for jurying, we know the piece will be judged by someone’s opinion of what is perfect. The question becomes how to balance our striving for excellence with our recognition of our shortcomings. Food for thought.

    • Yes, that’s a great point about the balance–to strive but realize that, in spite of our striving, we are going to include flaws in our work–it’s only human. I wish we had a better word to describe this–flaws, imperfections, mistakes–all so negative!

  3. Yes indeed, the beauty of the handmade item! Wonderful Kerry, and it is as true for our imperfect selves as it is for the items we make. As the great poet Leonard Cohen says ‘There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’. 🙂

    • This glassblower, Simon Pearce, has a studio not far from us in the state of Vermont. It is SO fascinating to go watch the artisans at work. Plus they have a FAB restaurant on the premises!

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