Fiber Is Good For You!

We had a healthy high-fiber experience, a glorious autumn day in the Adirondacks!

Not this kind of fiber, silly!


by Richard Cocks

This kind!


The Southern Adirondacks Fiber Festival took place this weekend and was a gathering of wool-loving, fiber-lusting hands at home.

The focus was on all things wool, for all wool fanatics.

Lots of sheep:IMG_8457 IMG_8556

And other wool-bearing animals:

Dogs that keepย the sheep under control:

Shearing, provided by Jim McRae, professional shepherd. He owns the dogs, too!

What do love most about fiber?




To spin it?

Or my favorite spinning technique!

For weavers, knitters, felters, crocheters, rug hookers . . . for us all. So much wool, so much pretty, so very many loving hands!

51 thoughts on “Fiber Is Good For You!

  1. Wow, what gorgeous fiber! Looks like it was a great event! I just want to reach through the photos and caress each skein and color. I’m intrigued by shearing shoes, what the story is on those. And being a dog lover, the dog events would have been great to watch too. Thanks for sharing.

    • You would’ve loved this (although I bet you’ve been too similar festivals yourself)! What the shearer said about his shoes: First, they are completely flat, with no heels. His back takes a beating in all ways, and the flat shoes help. Second, they are felted wool and breathe and keep his feet warm, even if he sweats and they get damp. Third, there was something about the upturned toe–it can cradle the sheep’s shoulder and the sheep will stay put without being held? The sheep he was shearing hadn’t gotten that part of the memo!

    • Do you know, we did not buy a thing?! We have so much stuff on hand already and I think we were a little overwhelmed. I can just see you on one of those spinning wheel/exercise bike combos! I think that was my favorite thing at the whole festival!

    • I bet there is one near you–it seems to be a very popular fall activity where I am–there’s one in Vermont this weekend and another BIG one downstate in NY in a couple of weeks.

  2. My goodness – the colour in the first yarn photo just about blew my socks right off my feet! Right there we see one major difference between us: Lovely sheep and other fibre bearing animals very nice, quite interesting , has potential, dyed fibre in bright colours and KAPOW!! Fabuloous ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, that is a difference between us–I am completely drawn to the UNdyed fibers–I love those natural variations and shades. Not that I’d say no to the brights but the neutrals are much more my aesthetic. Isn’t it fun how different we can be, yet so much the same?

  3. What a great day and beautiful animals and yarns and crafts! But I have to ask…is that poor sheep going south for the winter or will it get a coat to wear? It being late September….

    • They talked about that! People were worried! She will be fine–these Cotswold-breed sheep need to be sheared a couple of times year, he said, and her owner was standing right there while the shearing was happening. I have no doubt the sheep was going home to a snug barn.

  4. Well that festival was certainly up your alley! Don’t you just love all those wool bearing animals? Looks like you had nice weather, too.

    The white chocolate bark arrived just before dinner…I’m going to have a piece for dessert. It’s so nice to have something to look forward to.

  5. Makes my mouth water! A similar fiber fair will be held in Asheville on Halloween weekend and I am looking forward to going. Such a creative rush.
    We’re off to Singapore and Bali on Friday, which will be another creative rush. I can hardly wait!

    • There was a lot of clever, and funky, and drop-dead gorgeous to be seen! And this was a comparatively small festival–I can’t even imagine navigating a large one!

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