The auspicious beginning fulfills its promise . . .  


23 thoughts on “Auspicious-er

    • Good question! I googled those words when i got a chance and didn’t find anything to convince me they were from an English folksong. All the references seemed to be to a collection of songs and poems about autumn, published for children.

    • I’m sorry I missed the boat on this! It was Maine and, from what you’ve said in your blog, I think we must’ve been practically in your back yard! We spent most of our time right in Acadia–oh, my! What a fabulous place!

      • KerryCan, I am disappointed to have missed a chance to meet you for real! You weren’t too far away – and you might have driven right by, depending which way you went. I work in Ellsworth, and live just east of Bucksport. So if you took the coastal Route up Route 1, you drove past the end of my road. And if you went up through Bangor, you were only twenty miles from me. Next time, call. 🙂

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