Ghosts of Holidays Past

Get out your grandmother’s tablecloth and napkins, folks! And remember the good times . . .

Love Those "Hands at Home"

ghost linensThis is the time of year that we all start thinking about setting a nice table for whatever holidays we celebrate. Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Thanksgivukkuh, Christmas, Kwanzaa—you name it, it involves a meal and we want the meal to be special in both the foods served and in presentation.

It will surprise no one who has been following along, that I like to use vintage linens on the table at these big holidays. A few of the items I have belonged to one or another ancestor but, mostly, I’ve accumulated my linens second hand.

Over the years, I piled up dozens of damask linen napkins to use at parties and many tablecloths as well.  Good-quality damask is like no other fabric—it is heavy and crisp and has a beautiful sheen. It looks good in any setting and doesn’t compete with the rest of your serving items.

Another benefit of these beautiful…

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20 thoughts on “Ghosts of Holidays Past

  1. The first Thanksgiving dinner I ever hosted included one of the tables collapsing just as everyone was about to sit down. Some how, only one glass broke, and a few olives made it into the applesauce but everything else was saved. That day made some stains but it also has created a memory we all laugh about every year.

  2. Would you believe that we are going to use brown paper and red plastic cups for thanksgiving!…..😳 The family says they don’t want the traditional turkey dinner,they want a crab picking fest. So that’s on the menu.😄 The turkey that was to be baked turkey winked at me and said… Way to go! Lol!!

  3. You always make me feel so much better about my spotty and marked collection of linens and napery 🙂 It is true what you say and I shall never again try to remove the inevitable stains left by my best friend whenever she visits………….. though I think I shall continue to remove the breakables from around her…… 😀

  4. I wrote a comment yesterday and I don’t see it here…wonder what happened. Anyway, in brief, when I set my table each year I do think of all the women who collected or bought something special that I use.

  5. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your heartfelt memories. I truly enjoy your posts about vintage linens, fabrics, etc.

  6. I remember these types of linens from my childhood. My mother would set a fancy table and the extra leaf was added to the table. At the end of the meal, there were often wine stains on the tablecloth. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

    • Same to you! I don’t remember anyone getting upset about the spills either–it’s as if they knew that the moment was more important than a silly old tablecloth . . .

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