You Could Win!

I am in the mood to give something away.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while but I wasn’t sure what to give.

Then I was ironing pretty vintage kitchen towels and I thought, “Hey, I know! A pretty vintage kitchen towel!” Because I’m sure you all share my dishtowel jones, right?


But which towel?

That was easy—this one.


It’s vintage. I wouldn’t want you to settle for anything less than vintage.

It’s pretty. Fresh and unusual colors on a bright white background, all in crisp linen. Yum.

It’s unused and clean. Because I wouldn’t want to send you a towel you might consider icky.

It has flowers, for the gardeners, and tulips and daffodils, for those experiencing spring and those already longing for it. And the flowers are turquoise because, even though turquoise flowers are rare or non-existent in nature, they shouldn’t be!

It’s an all-around perfect towel! I hope you think so, too!


To get a chance to win the towel, you can encourage me to do a chore I’ve been avoiding.

I need to find out how many of these yo-yos I’ve made so far.


I’ve been avoiding this chore because I have a notion of how many yo-yos I will need for even a twin-bed-sized coverlet and I am loathe to acknowledge how far I have to go. I just haven’t been able to bring myself to count them.

So, I’m asking you to guess how many yo-yos I have in this pile and jar. In a week, after you’ve had a chance to guess, I will HAVE to count them so I know who to send the towel to!


The fine print:

  • I’ll accept guesses, in the comments here, until noon, my time, on December 6.
  • Anyone, in any country, can guess. This towel is willing to travel!
  • Only one guess per person.
  • In the case of correct ties, I will do a random draw of those who made the correct guesses.
  • If no one guesses correctly, I’ll send the towel to the person with the closest guess.

Please make your guess and encourage others to guess, too–this towel needs an excellent home! And I need to get busy making more yo-yos . . .


69 thoughts on “You Could Win!

  1. I see a “whole cloth” stitching just waiting to break free in that beauty!!!!! Let’s see, how many yo-yos……….sigh, guess 150 (nice(?) round #!!!!). That towel is gorgeous!!!!!! (Just a side note…this little one will have plenty of companionship here!!!!!)

  2. I’m not entering your contest, because I don’t need yet more stuff made of fabric. However, the towel’s color scheme transported me back to the pink tiled with maroon accents bathroom of my childhood home. Good luck with the yoyo project.

  3. I was going to guess 241, but I see other entrants are very close to that (so maybe we are all good estimators?). I would hate to slip in there and take it away from someone who had already guessed, so my official guess is now 317.

  4. Lovely towel! Hmm … 262 …and if you only did 5 a day ,5 days a week that’s 25…in thirty days 150, in sixty days 300.. You can do it!!!!😄

    • That’s the approach I’ve been trying to take–X number a day and they will add up. Plus I’m in a weekly sewing group and I always work on the yo-yos there for a couple hours. Many drops will turn the mill . . .

  5. Oh – I love that towel! Perhaps unsurprisingly as I am firmly in the camp of people already eager for spring. (Seriously, how many days left until it’s warm again?) My guess is 285 and my fingers are crossed!

    • Oh, I wouldn’t expect you to actually want to add a towel to your collection, when you’re working so hard to edit your belongings! But I’ve written down your guess–I’d be thrilled to find I have that many done!

  6. *sigh*. I’m hopeless st this sort of thing. I’ll take the booby prize for worst guess, shall I? 201.

    I’d be a worthy winner, because dishtowels rarely get used in our house (and there’s that whole two peoples divided by a common language thing. Do you remember that I thought they were the things you used in your greasy washing up water to wash your pots clean?)

    • Oops! There I go, making assumptions! Yo-yos are those little fabric circles, often made of scraps. They get sewn together and made into a coverlet for a bed. Or they can be used in a variety of crafty undertakings–go to Pinterest and type yoyo crafts in the search block!

      • So the next question …. how long does it take to make just one?
        It must take forever to make a coverlet! I love that all fabric is used, though.

        • Once the fabric is cut it might take as little as 5 minutes to make each yoyo–I’ll have to do a time/motion study! They’re each about 1.5 inches and I think I figured out I need to about 1350 to make a twin-size coverlet. :-/

          • oh my goodness! 1350! I think you might want to have a yo-yo making party. A few friends, gathered round, a cocktail nearby, AND plenty of readers so we can see what we are doing. What day do you want to do this? Let me know so I can clear my calendar? 🙂
            I know you are thinking … women, cocktails, making yo yos = lack of productivity.

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