Snapshots of Busy-ness

It’s that time of year, when loving hands are busiest! Our house smells like chocolate and looks like a place where lots of fun is being had.

Several projects I’ve been playing with but nothing is finished . . . I’ll tell you more soon!


And a pretty scarf is still on the loom–slow going but I like it!


And, of course, there’s candy everywhere.

This is one of the big sellers this year–English toffee!

english toffee-5

I’m sure I know the answer to this question but how busy are your loving hands these days?!

47 thoughts on “Snapshots of Busy-ness

  1. It’s a couple of days since I did anything creative, as we had to travel to a funeral and, although there was time, I really did not feel like picking up my knitting. Now we are safely back home, the creativity will re-commence… everybody seems to want socks!

  2. I’m still recovering from foot surgery so everything is taking a bit longer. That said, a friend took me to the post office yesterday, and all my parcels are on their way. That feels like a weight lifted.

  3. You know I love quilting and fiber art BUT don’t leave that toffee anywhere that I can get my hands on it because it looks delicious. Wow. 🙂 I made chocolate chip shortbread cookies, cranberry bread, and my husband made maple fudge. Good eating here too, but I’d still at least trade you for some of that toffee. 🙂

    • You know, the toffee is not difficult at all to make, with a good candy thermometer. Some recipes tell you to put chocolate chips right on top of the hot toffee, after you spread it–super easy. The chips melt and can then be spread. I temper real chocolate and put it on both sides but the easy technique is good in its own right.

  4. Oh you have no idea – this tiny house is littered with beads and findings and yarn of all sorts not to mention the cuttings and formings and colours and glitters of card making and tag making to accompany the myriad parcels that are about to hit the post office or the underneath of the Christmas tree in less than three weeks time……. I have lists everywhere and addendums scattered in odd places to remind me to do this or add that………. But it will all get done and be no more than a memory in a months time 🙂

    I don’t eat chocolate, or toffee – but my it does look inviting and the scarf is rather gorgeous too. Best of all is that intriguing looking Christmas coloured quilting project – such beautiful work!

    • I bet your house looks like an explosion in a craft store! I’m trying to tidy up every project as I go to the next one . . . if I don’t, the cats think they have every right to jump in.

  5. I think you should make lots of the blocks on the left, only make half in a reversed color scheme. It would be smashing when sewn up. I do have a weakness for toffee, so I’ll avert my eyes from that deliciousness.

    • That’s a cool idea for the red/white blocks! Our guild’s challenge for this year is just that–red/white–so I am trying to decide if I’m going to take the challenge and, if so, what to do. I’ll do a reverse block and play with the idea!

  6. Wow, so much goodness happening at your place. It all looks amazing. Is that a block from the “Red Sky at Night Quilt” from Talesofcloth? Would you share your English Toffee recipe? It looks amazing.

    Here, lots of knitting, carving, medicine and soap making and a bit of sewing going on. It feels like I’ll nver get it done on time. *fingers crossed*

    • I hadn’t ever been to the talesofcloth blog–just went and that red/white quilt is amazing! The block I did came from a book on paper piecing–the pattern is called Featherbone. I’d be happy to share my toffee recipe but it’s really the same as every recipe you’d find on–except instead of using chocolate chips, I temper real chocolate and put it on both side of the toffee. The only ingredients in the toffee itself are sugar, butter, water and vanilla. The only other thing you need is a reliable candy thermometer. Let me know if you want the specifics from the recipe I use.

  7. mmm toffeeeee! OK. Well, I am working on stuff, but slowly because other stuff keeps happening. After making a good running start at my kaleidoscope, the project slowed. Our 3-week houseguest JUST walked out the door, though, so the pace will pick up now! WHEEEEEE!

      • He was a campaign organizer basically using our home as a bed and shower. We didn’t see a lot of him. But his room was downstairs where my studio is, and he’d rarely leave before about 10am. Morning is my best time to work and I felt uncomfortable moving around down there. He kept such long hours not getting back until late, so it didn’t seem hospitable to make noise that would wake him before he needed. Now he is gone I have my studio back for my best work hours. 🙂

  8. I can personally attest to the tastiness of that toffee!!!! Yummers! And that scarf. It’s gorgeous. Me, I’m doing a little baking, a little mailing, a lot more meeting of friends and getting together. I haven’t decorated yet, but will…probably tomorrow!

    • This from the woman who posts a different craft project every single day?! I’m not sure about the red and white block–I did it to practice paper piecing as a quilt technique but my guild IS having a red/white challenge.

  9. That picture of the toffee made my mouth squirt! Sorry to hear that the wintergreen may be a no go. I am anxious to hear about your fiber projects. I see you have been making Santas as well!

  10. Kerry, your projects are all so pretty. The red & white quilt square, the yo-yos (I confess, I had to go back a post and remind myself what they are called), the scarf, and the candy. I know you are working very hard, but you somehow make it look so manageable!

    • Thanks, Laurie! It is all manageable because I don’t work very fast! All those projects have been in progress for awhile and I just add to them when I feel like it. I may have to step up the work on the red and white blocks, since they are part of a guild challenge and there’s a deadline!

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