Many, Many Yoyos–And A Winner!

IMG_9773So, you guessed, 25 of you did, the number of fabric yoyos I made. And I counted.

And I admit that, as I was counting, I was rooting for the people who guessed the highest numbers because, if they won, I won.

After all, the point is to get enough of these little things made to make something big and impressive out of them. According to my calculations, I will need over 1300 1.5-inch yoyos to make even a twin-bed sized coverlet! Yikes!

So, I was very happy and considered myself to be the big winner when I found that I had made exactly 400 yoyos!

No one guessed exactly that number but Kate, from Maison Bentley Style, had faith in me and guessed 399!

Kate and I have been blog pals since almost the very beginning of my blog—she has been loyal and supportive all along. I am so pleased to be sending her the beautiful kitchen towel! (Kate, I sent you email, asking for your address!)

Thank you all for participating—this exercise lit a fire under me and, in fact, I have added 40 more yoyos to the pile since I made the original post. Only 860-some-odd to go!


32 thoughts on “Many, Many Yoyos–And A Winner!

  1. Hurray for Kate!👏 Those yo-yos are looking lovely all piled up,now a jar with yo-yos tumbling out would make a pretty statement on a sewing room shelf…

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