Singing the Blues


Not the chilly, grayish blue of upstate New York but the happy, warm Florida blues!

Can you guess which blue is my favorite blue?

65 thoughts on “Singing the Blues

    • That middle photo was in a preserve, where “old” Florida remains, with a sandy path among mangroves. It’s a beautiful spot! And, yes, Florida blue has considerable charms!

  1. After going though all the sand ,soaking in lots of sunshine,enjoying the pier and standing in the shade for a bit to a breath taking view ,that cup of cool refreshing drink is a favorite .

  2. I don’t know which one you love best, but I love the first one in the third row – it has beautiful royal blue and bright turquoise, and they look fabulous together! Enjoy the sunshine and bright blues before you come home to the blue-grays. 🙂

  3. Oh you lucky, lucky girl! I’d guess the second picture’s sea blue, which also matches the sky. Haven’t seen much of that aqua/turquoise in your weaving, but that would be MY favorite. Perhaps, as Alys says, ALL of them. Maybe the blue of the drink pic…

    • Well, yes, the drink photo makes me pretty happy–that tiki bar, that location, the friends who were with us, the fact that we go to the same place and have the same drink every single year . . . it’s all good!

    • It’s such a pretty place, at least when you get away from the commercial strips, the traffic, and the throngs of people! I’m afraid we’re all loving Florida to death!

  4. I figured you must be in Florida as I think I asked you about the antique-ing town before I went this time last year. It’s been cool for here this last week but looks like the weather will warm up. I’m planning to plant peas and lettuce and spinach this week! Yippee! Peter and I were just at Lowes for the Saturday stuff and they are getting plants in, so I bought a set of romaine lettuce. We’ll see how it does….I haven’t had much luck with lettuce. Glad you had a good time!

    • I can’t believe you’re that close to planting! We may get 10 inches of snow in the middle of next week! Florida was a nice break but, jeez, it’s hard to come back to the cold.

  5. Shouldn’t your favorite be Kerry blue?
    I know there is a breed of dog called a Kerry blue terrier, but now that I think of it, I don’t know if it is a “terrier the color of Kerry blue” or a “blue terrier from Kerry,” But that is what popped into my mind when I read your question.

    • I’ve always wondered about that, too–I suspect the dogs might’ve been bred in County Kerry, Ireland? So, if not Kerry blue, how about the Windex blue of that margarita? That’s a lovely color . . .

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