53 thoughts on “All of the above!

  1. My mom took me to a restaurant for my 13th birthday, and I ordered the lobster … forgetting that I wouldn’t be able to taste it because of my congestion …
    But that’s when I discovered that you can hold your nose and blow hard, and then when you release the pressure you can taste again for a brief moment.
    (And I agree with paulainaukland. Don’t buy anything that needs an iron! I do the ironing, and fortunately I have to iron my wife’s outfits only on Sunday for church. Nasty polyester … we hates it, My Precious … yes, it’s tricksy trying to iron that … )

  2. Folks in our neck of the woods have had a long, lingering cold/flu thing that seems rather hard to get over. I missed it, but Rick was sick…..hot whiskey in the evening helped, at least we believe it did!! Glad you are feeling better Kerry!!

  3. Hope you weren’t sick on your vacation. Perhaps it was a reaction to being home in the cold. I remember going to Florida one March, when I lived in dry Colorado. I got off the plane and I felt my hair start to frizz and like I was in a terrarium. Those big changes can be difficult to deal with…

    • No, it happened right after we got home. Honestly, it happens every year when I come back from that trip! Maybe the re-circulated air in the plane? I’m okay now!

  4. Oh no! I don’t think we creative types take well to illness and confinement. Except when we are really poorly, then we just have to give in and rest. I must have got confused because I thought you were in Florida. Clearly I have been indulging in far too much cake and the sugar has muddled my brain. Hope you are feeling really well very soon.

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