Projects . . .

Past: Yet another bunch of kitchen towels, hot off the loom.

Present: Paper pieced blocks, piling up. These are for my guild’s red and white challenge—the deadline is less than a month away!

Future: From this book:


This pattern, in his and hers lengths:


In these colors:


What are you working on these days?

56 thoughts on “Projects . . .

  1. Kerry your dishtowels are beautiful and so refined. You have a magical way with your loom. Quilt piece look very pretty too.

    As for me…ho-hum. A lot of hit and miss painting which means I’m learning, can’t get too discouraged with the misses!

    • Oh, and I have misses, too! I should probably show my screw-ups more often, just to keep things real. I’m trying to weave faster and, in doing so, I’m making more mistakes. But, as you say, learning a lot, too!

    • I do very little washing up–too busy doing fun stuff! But I am committed to using the handwoven towels for the purpose for which they were made. I might not wipe up, say, cherry juice with them but I definitely use them for dish drying!

  2. Scarves! A good future project for someone who prefers dish towels. 🙂

    As for me, I’m working on a new project. A year ago I bought some African fat quarters with very large-scale prints. A couple of weeks ago I finally chose one to start with, and a few days ago I actually started. My process is designing as I go, not worrying about sizing other than proportions. So far, so good. Not sure what or how big it will be when done, and I don’t care right now, either. Good stuff… 🙂

  3. I really like the name “Scarf of Lucky Colors”. I have been reading my color knitting book to try to decide which colors go best together for a hat I am planning for next winter.

  4. Pretty scarf project. I have that book, maybe I should start reading it! Stalled on my dishtowel project at the threading stage. I love them when they are done, I don’t even mind weaving them, but it takes me forever to get them started. Am going to try using a temple for the first time, so I really should get going.

  5. Your work is so beautiful. In my next life I will take up weaving for sure. Today I helped fix my sister’s fence and am about to start hand quilting on old project – a good day all around!

    • Thanks, Pam! I had always planned weaving for the next life, too, then it just crept into this life and I’m so glad. I’m looking forward to getting the red and white blocks to the stage of hand quilting . . . reading your post about it got me yearning!

    • Deadlines have their place, even if they add stress to a life. I would not be progressing nearly as quickly on the red and white blocks if it weren’t for a deadline! And, yes, the better temps are definitely tempting me outdoors, too!

  6. Good heavens you have been so busy………. those towels look so very beautiful. I think you are refining your style and soon they will be too good to use but will need to be crochet lace trimmed and become tray cloths or some such thing. The future scarves look pretty exciting to me already 🙂 And the red and white blocks are perfect – how do you achieve such perfection?

    • The red and white blocks are not perfect at all but they are better than any piecing I’ve done before because I am using the technique of foundation piecing–I wrote a post about it a couple months ago. It makes precision much easier to achieve! I have to say, I’m getting sick to death of the process, though . . .

  7. I agree with those who say your towels are beautiful and look too good to use. I think I would love a shawl using your kitchen towel design! Those colours are so subtle and delicate. I have no projects on the go at the moment – trying to find a few minutes each day to read a book and the rest of the time trying to keep up with general housework.

    • Oh, I pretty much ignore general housework–that’s the reason I have time for the rest of this stuff! I will definitely be using my towels, though–they are so absorbent and sturdy. They *want* to be used!

  8. The towels are lovely,but those blocks are wonderful!!! Projects … I have several going on. I like working on more than one thing at a time. I need to post a new blog which has been put on the back burner for the lack of time. Spring has arrived with weather to beautiful to be inside.

    • Thanks, Deb–I should’ve known the quilt blocks would speak to you! There’s something about that red and white combo that is just so thrilling, I think. I’m trying to get as much done inside as I can . . . in anticipation of spring arriving here!

  9. Fabulous work! I am absolutely in love with those quilt blocks, and your woven tea towels are so pretty. Have fun making those scarves – they will be gorgeous!

    I’ve been doing a bit of embroidery and cross stitch – gifts for family members. And dreaming about getting out into the garden….

    • Thank you, Sheryl–such kind words! Gardening is still in the dream stage here, too–it’s a good time to get caught up on inside projects since soon, I hope, the weather will change!

    • Our quilt guild is doing a red/white challenge this year and the big reveal is at the April meeting–I think it will be exciting! The projects can be any size so the range will be huge.

  10. No need to answer this post, really….You know I’m up to my eyeballs in UFO’s and ideas wanting to start. I am mulling over weaving fabric for chair seat cushions for the wonderful repainted diningroom! Wouldn’t that be fun? Especially so as they’d be just what I want. My mother made some bargello chair cushions for the livingroom and they were divine! I can just visualize Gizmo with his nasty un-licked butt sitting on them! ;-D

    • I have mixed feelings about you weaving chair fabric! Yes, it would look amazing but, really, what about the cat? I know mine would sharpen their claws on any chair and I’d freak out! One of the women in my sewing group does rug hooking . . . and all I can think of is a cat claw caught in one of those little loops and, zip, the whole thing is undone!

      • Don’t hate me for this, but the cats are de-clawed in front. Though their back claws do catch on things, it’s not bad. Worse is Gizmo who doesn’t like to clean his butt! Yucky!!!

  11. What a fun update! I’m working on getting the garden ready for plants on the first day of spring (this Sunday). This time of year, my creativity tends to shift outdoors.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your next weaving project, and the scarves. Busy hands indeed.

    • My attention will shift outdoors, too, but I’m waiting for the temps to get above 40! Spring has come to so many of you but not here, yet, really. We don’t dare plant annuals until Mothers Day, or even Memorial Day!

      • I remember visiting DC this time last year and the daffodils were just up, while the temps were chilly and damp. In California our daffodils have already come and gone by late February. Since blogging, I’m acutely aware of the different arrivals of spring and fall around the world. It’s interesting to me. 40 is cool for planting. Our nighttime temps are still down in the thirties and forties.

  12. lovely towels, enjoy using them. Too many projects on the go and more ideas popping up all the time. Try weaving colour gamp tea towels, you’ll get new ideas every time you use them.

  13. The kitchen towels are spectacular! Both the cool blue colour combo and the pastel one are lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing how your scarf turns outs! It looks like it will be perfectly thin for balmier spring weather. I’m working on a range of crochet shorts out of granny squares at the moment. I was struggling with the gaps between the squares (bodies are not square after all…) but I think I’ve finally cracked it! x

    • Thanks, Jess! The yarns for the scarf are a mix of silk and wool so the scarves should be useful in different seasons. I’ll be interested to see the crocheted shorts–I still love that long vest you made of granny squares!

    • I like the colors in the book photo and I like the ones on the cones–the ones I am going to use. The cones are ones I have on hand–I wanted to use up some stash rather than buy all new!

    • Isn’t it a cool pattern? The only problem is that this book is very popular right now and I’m afraid every weaver in the world will be making the scarf. I don’t following the crowd . . . .

  14. It must be a bit boring to have yet another person saying that your work is truly wonderful and beautiful, but I am going to say it anyway because that is what I think!! 🙂

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