Yoyo Mojo. No? No.



What is your stance on whining?

Do you see it as healthy and cathartic? Or feel it is the worst of self pity and completely pointless?

Do you enjoy is for yourself but find it distasteful when others indulge?

My very good friend, and former boss, was known to hang up the phone on me when I whined. He would give me one quiet warning and then . . . click.

I’m actually not all that given to whining. It isn’t on the list of approved behaviors published by my patron saint, Pollyanna, you see.

But some days, I can’t help myself . . .

I’m in the mood to whine.

You may avert your eyes, if need be, or go ahead and hang up on me.

I am suffering from ennui. My list of daily stints has stunted me. Every project I have under way is either vexing me or boring me to tears.

And the most tedious among these might be the ubiquitous, unending, what-was-I-thinking yoyos.

IMG_2646I’ve been sewing yoyos together for what seems like eternity.

They were fun to make, so cute and perky.

They are much less fun to sew together.

I have 10 rows to do and I am not yet done three. And then those long rows need to be sewn together.


I slog along . . . and whine quietly under my breath.

72 thoughts on “Yoyo Mojo. No? No.

  1. But they are magnificent. And so are you as you sew them up! Sometimes a whinge and a whine is called for and sometimes it helps. Keep going and if a whine helps well we are here to cheer you on.

    • Thank you for being so nice–I think I just need to be cheered on! And, since I have you here, do Brits always say “whinge” when I would say “whine”? Or do you use both words? And does “whinge” rhyme with “hinge”? I’ve always wondered . . .

  2. I’m all for a good old whine !!!!
    Your project is AMAZING, alas this comes from someone whom has never made a yoyo but can whine & whinge par excellence ..as my latest blanket will lay testament to 🙂

  3. This is FANTASTIC Kerry!!! So pretty:)please keep going!!…eager to see the finished project:)
    I think it’s perfectly ok to whine according to me…we all need that once in a while:)

  4. It WILL be worth it. But I can see the magnitude of the challenge. Whine. Do another row. Whine again. Do another row…..Wine this time. Then another row, and whine or wine thereafter till finished.

  5. Just imagine the great joy and sense of accomplishment when this project is completed! Come on, Kerry, keep plugging along and whine if you must.

    • I WILL feel joyful and accomplished when it’s done and then, knowing me, I’ll start some other endless project! Maybe I just need an excuse to whine?

  6. I think it looks lovely! And I’m the complete opposite on whining than your friend- I’m perfectly happy to be whined at by other people, and will encourage it in fact, but I do my best to not whine myself!

  7. I prefer wine over whine but if that is what keeps you stitching it’s a good thing, I would never finish all those yo yo’s so I think you are amazing – and they look wonderful. Save the wine for when you are finished and we will all celebrate.

    • You can be quite certain I’ll ask you all to celebrate with me when this is done! Making the yo-yos themselves was kind of fun–I had to idea what to expect of the process of sewing them together and will just need to suck it up and finish!

    • Oh, you’d like making the yo-yos! They’re fun and so easy and portable! And you can use up all kinds of fabric scraps. In the future, though, I will make an effort to sew them together as I go, rather than waiting until I have 1500 of them!

  8. Whining is OK as long as you only do it once in a while. It helps. 🙂 Then go at the problem from a different direction. If you aren’t; loving these beautiful yoyos, put them away for a while. Or commit to sewing two together a day. That is perfectly manageable, and it will really be done before you know it. If you have a deadline, break it into bigger chunks and give yourself rewards for finishes along the way.
    It will be wonderful when you finish it, by the way, it is really cute!

    • This is all such good, sensible advice. Part of my problem is that I know that, if I push myself, I can sew together a block of 25 in one sitting. So, because I can, i think I should. But it’s really too much and I get ticked off. So, i need to break it into smaller units, as you say, and get over myself!

  9. Stop **whining Kerry! Do a little now and again or set an amount to do every day and think of how unique and beautiful it is going to be! Inspired by you, I was almost on the cusp of getting myself a yoyo maker to use up all the bits of fabric I have lying around but now I’m afraid of the velocity and volume of whining that might arise as a result.

    **I don’t actually believe you whine that much anyway – I think it is more of a huff and a puff and an ‘Oh what was I thinking?’ kind of a sigh before you carry on in a Pollyanna sort of way……

  10. I have no idea what it’s like to sew up yo-yo’s….however they are adorable and I love looking at your work! Would it help if I told you I was whining yesterday….then grabbed some B&J ice cream and I was all better. lol

  11. Two suggestions: set a minimum number to do each day or a minimum time to work on it each day, as another commenter suggested; and set up a reward bucket of treats. Once you finish your daily stint you get to have 10 M&Ms(or any favorite candy), a session with your favorite show (actually, do the sewing while watching it), or a mini bottle of gin/vodka/tequila/wine. Do not focus on how much is left to do, but on what you’ve already accomplished. I hope that’s Pollyanna-ish enough for you.

  12. You can totally whine about this! The stints are great, but maybe you should add in there a small “vacation from yo-yos” stint. Take a break, go play with something fun, and then come back to it with renewed energy and interest.

    • You know, I think you’re exactly right. I’ve gotten so carried away with my stints, on yo-yos and other things, that my days are too much the same! Having some fun sounds really good right now!

  13. Oh I see the problem. If all projects are frustrating in some way, then you can’t flit to a satisfying one for a while. Sounds like it’s time for a good project or a break of some sort! The yoyos are very pretty, though. But have you ever had a project that turned out well but you don’t like because it was so difficult? I that could be the case, give it up for a while… As for whining, I sense it isn’t a regular thing, so blow off a little steam. ☺️

  14. I agree wholeheartedly with Arlingwoman. I think what you need is a complete change. You can always go back to your boring stints and yoyo sewing when you feel better. Do you know ‘The Wind in the Willows’ by Kenneth Graham? You are like poor bored Mole doing his spring-cleaning. You need to dash off somewhere and have an adventure. I don’t want to hear you say ‘but I’ve got to do these things…I’ve promised myself I’d have them done by next week’. If you have a job to do for someone else, well that’s different; you have to honour an agreement with them but you’ve no need to keep a promise made to yourself if you are bored and grumpy. Off you go and have fun xx

  15. The key to Pollyanna is that she wouldn’t accept negativity. It’s that she could see the good at the same time. Whining isn’t a problem. The problem is in choosing to continue to whine. Dang I’m tired and not making sense again. Maybe you can untangle it… 🙂

  16. Sorry, Kerry.. But I laughed right out loud 😄. I can understand the reason why you feel like whining though. Hang in there though ,you’ll be proud of yourself when your finished,for it is beautiful even unfinished!!

    • Thank you, Sheryl! If I’d been smart, I’d have done some of the sewing together as I went along, rather than waiting until I had made 1500 yo-yos. I’ll know better another time!

  17. Faced with that task I would weep, not just whine. But putting on my Pollyanna face; it’s summer, guests will come, so why not outsource the yoyo tasks to honored guests! Offer them lovely wine as a reward. 😀

    • Do you know, I’m a member of a wonderful sewing group and the others have actually offered to help?! I’m getting closer and closer to taking them up on it!

      • It would be a wonderful group activity. 🙂 My mother used to knit squares. She liked doing that but didn’t like sewing them together. She always found someone who liked sewing the squares together more than they like knitting squares. So everyone did the work they liked and the job got done.

  18. I am supposedly in the process of making a quilt from little knitted hexagons made from oddments of sock yarn… like the yoyos, they were fun to do at first, but the novelty has rather worn off. However, I have put them to one side and am focusing on other projects.It’s possible there will eventually be enough for a quilt, but if not, I’m sure they will make a delightful pillow, or if I’m really fed up with them, a dog bed!

  19. I can only imagine how time-consuming this project is! But it will look great when it’s done.
    I have a tendency to put off projects like this until the last minute!

  20. Lol! I understand where you are coming from. When I find myself in this type of situation, I try to remind myself that the joy of creativity (whatever form it takes) lies in the journey as well as the destination… 🙂

  21. I guess that’s why some of us have so many UFO’s! I’d suggest putting it away for a bit but then you might not go back to it. But it is Summer (it is here anyway!) and you might change your daily to do lists. After all, even in exercise, they say that changing things up is a good thing. With all the outdoor work I need and want to do, the indoor things take a back seat. Take a Summer vaca… ;-D

    • I think you’re right–I need to focus on summer stuff while I can! It’s not like summer lasts that long here and there’s lots to do. The yo-yos will wait . . .

  22. I know I’m late reading this post, but I just had to comment and tell you how refreshing it is to hear your honesty! You made me laugh with your story, the twists & turns, and yes, even the whining. The coverlet or king-size blanket, whatever you make, will be beautiful, I’m sure! And perhaps, a few months from now, when you’re all cozy & warm under it, you’ll be glad you finished it. 🙂

    • Oh, I’ll be glad I finished! And, for all the whining I’m doing, it’ll only end up being a twin-size coverlet for a daybed–and that will take 1300 yo-yos! Can you imagine how many i’d need for a king-size bed?!

  23. What a lot of work! Whine away, my dear. I think that as long as we are aware of our whining, we’re good. It’s when we stop realizing it that we’re destined for trouble.

    I would *never* hang up on you (or stop reading your blog). I read once that if you focus on the numbers (maybe I even read it here…memory being what it is an all, who knows), it helps. So instead of thinking “I’ve only done three rows” say “I’ve already done three rows!” Then when you’re past the half-way mark, say “I’ve finished half of this project” instead of “I’ve only finished half of this project.”

    Report back! 🙂

    • You’re such a supportive friend, Alys! And you’re right, I need to focus on currently being one-third done, rather than two-thirds not. I found it much easier to do that when I was making the yoyos themselves, for some reason. The good thing is that the only deadline I have is a quilt guild show that isn’t until fall of 2017. So, a deadline (good) but not a pressing one (better!)

  24. Reblogged this on want to share and commented:
    This thought and search of ‘self-pity’ lead me to several wonderful thought presses on Word Press.
    I am just taking care of things that are given to me including the thoughts and the WordPress.
    Nothing is wrong in ‘self-pity’ only thing is let ‘self-pity’ stay for a while and then “you get up and go”
    Ah, there taken care of the ‘self-pity’

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