40 thoughts on “It’s Just a Matter of . . . Thyme

    • I always have time for thyme! And the post seemed so thyme-ly. Thanks for re-reading–someone else said this is the third time I’ve posted this–that might be one thyme too many!

    • Thanks, Clare–it’s fun to watch it spread every year. It just goes where it wants (and skips places I’d like it to go, of course). But it looks great everywhere!

      • I have had a little difficulty with mine during the past couple of years, mainly due to our wet summers I think. I will have to improve the drainage by adding more grit I think.

    • The grid is made up of square pavers, forming a patio. I planted tiny little clumps of the thyme where I could squeeze them in, about 4 years ago, and it has filled in like crazy!

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