A Day to Remember . . .

Let’s take a poll:

What’s nicer?

Young love? Or mature love?

Certainly love is always lovely, at any age.

But my vote in the poll goes to mature love, the love that two people find when they least expect it, maybe when they stopped hoping for it at all.

Young love is sweet but anticipated. We all expect our young friends and relatives to find love. We expect to go to an exquisite, big wedding and we hope that the love, and the marriage, lasts.

There’s something richer, deeper, more poignant and thrilling, to me, about mature love, though. Love between two people who know themselves well and have known love before, and who are lucky enough to find someone else who carries the same knowledge and is ready and enthusiastic for another ride on the merry-go-round.

Exhibit A:


Today, August 2nd, is the fifth wedding anniversary of my mother, Evelyn, and her husband, John.

My mother had been a widow for 30-plus years and John a widower for long enough to begin to be able to consider another relationship.

They had known each other, as passing acquaintances, for some time.

One day, their paths crossed on a walk and he got his courage up and asked, “Do you play bridge?”

How lucky for us all that my mom could say, “Yes”! It’s enough to make a person take up bridge, just in case . . .

They married on our lawn at camp, with just immediate family, and the cats, present.


Photos were taken, champagne was sipped, a tear or two flowed.

Our very small family expanded by one and there could be no more natural and wonderful fit than welcoming John into the fold. We now cannot imagine our lives without him.

Evelyn and John, realizing that they would never achieve big, impressive anniversary numbers, decided to count anniversary months instead. We recently celebrated their 50th!

And tonight we will celebrate their fifth. We have another perfect day to enjoy.

We will go to the same restaurant we visited the night of the wedding.

We will celebrate 5 years together but also what an anniversary always stands for—the confidence to believe that life with that other person is better than life alone, that a good marriage exceeds the sum of its parts, and that, at any age, love can come again.

IMG_5347 (1)

73 thoughts on “A Day to Remember . . .

  1. How beautiful! So happy they both found love a second time! Many blessings for many “months” of love, good health & much happiness! ❤ ❤

  2. Happy anniversary, Evel and John! We are privileged to know two such special people who are absolutely made for each other and hold an extra place in our hearts!

  3. Awe.. I’m so happy for them! I vote for a pure unselfish love ( therefore a mature love)whether young or old.. I get very discussed with a lust love,those kind of loves or marriages usually don’t last. In a ” soulmate relationship ” it’s not all about what you can get ,but a sharing,giving & taking, best of friends,bringing the best out of the your partner instead of telling their faults… And I could go on…

  4. They look so happy and so perfect for each other. What a wonderful story. And John knows how to cook, too! Pancakes at least… Best wishes to the happy couple!

    • They make the pancakes together every Sunday! And they experiment a lot with other cooking–neither one was known to be a great chef but they’re doing well together!

  5. Happy, happy anniversary and may they have several more celebrations. What a wonderful story. It gives hope that there is always that special person out there around the corner. I’ve got a big smile on my face as I envision how much laughter and love will be present at #5. 🙂

  6. Yes!! One of my longest friends (since we were 3) saw her dad married this spring. His wife had suffered from Alzheimer’s for the past 10 years and passed a year ago Easter. It was such a wonderful celebration for two octogenarians. Those wonderful stories give me goose bumps. Congrats to your mom and step dad!!!

  7. Best wishes to them…for many more happy years. Such a joyful photo (radiant smiles)… PS Cats will always be good luck charms. Yay.

    • Those big smiles make me love that photo, too. And I’m with you about the cats–even if they only attended the ceremony because catnip was promised . . .

  8. Happy anniversaries to them–those of years and months! What a great gift for them and for the whole family. I also really like the decorated canoe. Did they paddle somewhere on the lake in it?

  9. Oh Kerry, this got my hanky fluttering!! How Lovely, incredibly lovely!! I like love stories of any kind, young, old…does not matter. Happy celebration to you all!!!! xoxoxoJohanna

  10. Just wonderful. Your blog is always fun to look at and read. This story and more like it are what we all could use in our life. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I’m a hopeless romantic – believing there is love for the young and the aged! How precious…may they enjoy their life together….oh, and yes….playing bridge.

  12. So very beautiful! My husband’s grandmother passed away unexpectedly when he was just a child and was fortunate to find love again. Beauty from ashes! My mom loved to play bridge – that’s a lost art!

  13. Working with older adults, I have know many who have achieved the 50 to 60 year anniversaries, those who rekindle friendships from youth, and those who bond after death and divorce. Congratulations on your family’s celebration.

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  15. I’m revisiting this post again since you shared the link. It’s all the more poignant today. I’m happy they had five plus years together. Finding love toward the end of your life is a beautiful thing. A virtual hug.

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