Busy, Busy . . . Happy

Autumn is always this way.

We realize that time’s a’wastin’, that soon we’ll be hunkering down for winter, and we try to pack a lot of living into these perfect days.

Chores abound. The perennials are being cut back. The outdoor furniture needs to be stored.

A quilt is basted, waiting to be finished this winter. The yoyos are almost, almost, sewn together and finished. Two other quilt projects wait in the wings.

The looms are momentarily naked but plans have been planned and one warp has been wound, a yummy wool for fall.

It’s time for chocolate, a new and different venture on Etsy, and, always, vintage linens.

It’s the time for spending quality hours with family snowbirds who are ready to fly away and it’s time for a little travel of our own, to enjoy autumn in New England.

Busy, busy. Happy, happy. And you?


69 thoughts on “Busy, Busy . . . Happy

  1. Hope to drive into the lower Adirondacks perhaps Indian Lake area in a few weeks to catch the colors. I always like the Autumn which for me ends at Thanksgiving. However I will have a few words with Winter and hopes it will behave this year.

    • We’re heading off thru Vermont in a few days and hoping to see good color, too, but it may be too early. And I’m actually hoping for a winter with lots of snow that will eventually melt and refill Lake Champlain! It’s so low . . .

    • Thanks, Susan! You know better than most the work it takes to makes sales on Etsy. It’s kind of terrifying to be offering things we actually made, as opposed to vintage items!

  2. Supremely busy here in France although the weather has really not turned autumnal yet, we are still basking in fabulous warm sunny days only the nights and mornings are a little chilly. After months of little or no rain we have had a couple of showers and suddenly the garden and the lawn have decided it’s time to grow again, it’s almost like spring, there is so much to be done!

    • France sounds perfect this time of year! We’re starting to feel a real chill in the air–I like it but many folks around here just see it as one step away from harsh winter. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I’m greedily grabbing all the nice days when they appear, wondering how long I’ll be able to go without a jacket. There’s the garden to clean up, the windows to wash, and the floors to get waxed. And the car needs its pre-winter maintenance. Goodness. I’m going away next week, though, so it will all have to wait! Have a good trip and enjoy snugging in! I love the picture with the fire…

    • My goal for opening the shop was by the end of the summer–I have a terrible time with taking photos in natural light during the winter months–thanks for looking! And, yes, we’ll be in Boston for a little bit–fave city!

  4. It’s wonderful to hear you are happy, busy or not! I am in a lull right now, doing a pretty minimal impression on just keeping the household together. Since that is easy, I’m not very active, nor very ambitious! Still, there is always plenty to do, more real people time than we often have. And today I visited a nearby “fitness center” gym to see about training. I need to rehab my knee and in fact now my whole balance, strength, and flexibility. I’ll work hard on that for several months, I think. I’m somehow on a couple of new committees and have also volunteered to quilt a bunch of my guild’s donation quilts. We have 80 tops backed up and waiting for quilting! People LOVE to make tops! Finishing, not so much! As I said, always plenty. And happy with that. πŸ™‚


    • Good for you, for making your health the highest priority. I’ve been going to physical therapy, too, and love seeing the difference it’s making. Our guild sounds like yours–TONS of charity quilts and other items, always looking for volunteers.

  5. Love your sunset , red work and yarn photos . I still have a little time yet for the porch furniture to be put away as we will be enjoying the porch for awhile yet. Have fun on your adventure!

  6. I love the things you’ve made for your Etsy store! You and your husband must have been working so hard. I hope you have a wonderful time in NE.
    We are tidying our garden though we may not get bad weather for some weeks yet and the jobs may need to be done again πŸ˜‰

  7. Oh wow, your Etsy shop is looking B-E-A-UTIFUL! What an exciting new venture, I’m glad that those beautiful pieces that you make will be able to find a loving home. I totally relate to that feeling of preparing for winter, it’s a magical time. I can’t wait to see all your yo-yos sewn together! x

  8. Sounds like your weather has broken. I hope Taylors is cooler when we get home! I have SO much yard work to do. I know you will have so much fun on your weaving and Boston trip. Boston is one of my favorite places…
    Look at you selling handwoven items! I hope it goes well. I keep thinking about opening an Etsy store but I need to decide what to sell.
    Have a happy vacation. ;-D

  9. I was just telling someone about your chocolates! I remember from past years how busy that keeps you.
    ANd I have to say that I cannot wait to see the yoyos all sewed together.
    Breathe, my friend.

  10. How I wish I could order some of your chocolates. Those greys and pinks form a perfect combo. When it’s getting colder, and I spend more time indoors, I am planning on practising my handlettering skills (my latest addiction). Hope your new shop does well!

    • Thanks for taking a look at the shop! Now I just need to find time to weave so I can add more items. I do ship the handwovens internationally. I sell chocolates in my other shop and those only go to the US.

      • Great news about the shipping – look forward to browsing and following all your new additions over time. Will treat myself at some point! πŸ™‚ x

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