A Week in Motion, Making

This was a harbinger for a week of weaving to come:

We saw sheep and we saw wool. And the world’s cutest angora bunny. 

And we had the pleasure of meeting a long-time blog friend, Jennifer, of Heron Pond Designs, selling her beautiful scarves. 

Now, these are some of our creative inspirations for the week:

I hope you’ll stick around! If I can manage this mobile phone version of WordPress, I’ll show you more!

51 thoughts on “A Week in Motion, Making

    • Sorry I didn’t respond sooner–I’m just getting my act together! I’ll do a post about the week at Vavstuga at some point but we were focused on Nordic weave structures–it was hard!

  1. You are having way too much fun! Wow! I remember going to that show a very long time ago.
    I have a lot of trouble using the iPad WordPress app…. Hope the phone one is better. I end up doing it on the Internet…

    • You have a bunny?? I don’t think I knew that–do you spin his fur? The woman who had these rabbits was pulling fur out at the festival and spinning it right there.

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