Just a Peek

A few photos of our work from this weaving week. I’ll tell you more when I can post from a real computer!


Leno lace


Enkel Skillbragd

60 thoughts on “Just a Peek

    • Some of them won’t end up being much of anything I’m afraid. Because we were doing so much in a short week, we weren’t spending a lot of time on each project. Although, having said that, I do have ideas . . .

    • The teacher of this session has figured out a way to do Leno lace as a treadled weave! It’s a crazy process, one I can’t do on my home looms, but fascinating!

  1. Wow, just wow! Each photo is amazing to me – you are making these! The intricate patterns and the colours – and I must imagine the texture feel – this is worth being away from your computer for a while! I’d quite like to pop over and admire in person 🙂

    • I wish you could pop over! It was a really intense, amazing week–I’m a little surprised at how much we accomplished, when I look at the pile of fabric we brought home!

    • The woman who owns this weaving school has figured out, with an old Swedish weaving book, a complicated, and fascinating, way to do treadled leno. I won’t be able to do it on my home loom but I love having had the experience!

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