Loving Hands and Nasty Women

It’s Election Day in the United States.



For this “nasty woman,” there’s not much left to say except:

I am.

Yes, I am.

And I did.

For those of you who have not been following American politics, first, let me say, I envy you! Second, to make sense of this post and an iconic moment in the whole kerfuffle, read here.

47 thoughts on “Loving Hands and Nasty Women

  1. I’m so glad that the election will be over soon! And here’s hoping that there will be a higher level of politeness in the next election instead of the name calling that we’ve all had to listen too from both sides….

  2. I thought “nasty woman” was a compliment, given the source. Too often the phrase has been wielded to shut down women who aren’t going along with the male speaker’s wishes. And us women never say “nasty man” in similar circumstances, because we’ve been raised to be nice. Nuts to that.

      • I found myself following along on the internet late last night Kerry – watching with open mouth as Americans revealed their preference. I’m not sure if what I saw was a movement against the establishment, against the hidden agends of HC or for the rise of Neo-Nazi America……….. Time will tell us all I guess. However it goes, for sure the ‘greatest country in the world’ is no more. We’ve just heard from several Americans they are applying for permanent visas.

        • I think all those reasons contributed to the way the vote went. There have been reports of really ugly acts against people of color and Muslims already–bigots feel emboldened, I suppose. Lots of people talk about moving away–we’re so close to Canada–I imagine most of us will stay and persevere, and try to protect the people who can’t just pick up and leave.

  3. Voted myself today. How do you think Clinton County will go? I have fond memories of my Grandmother voting for George McGovern, one of the few he would get in that part of the country. In any case it is pizza and popcorn as I watch the election returns.

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