Advent, My Way #2


As luck would have it, the quilt on my quilting frame right now is red and white, perfect for this time of year!

I like the traditional colors of Christmas best–the white of pure, new snow, the red of a feisty Cardinal, the green of pine boughs.

If you celebrate Christmas, what colors do you favor? Or do you celebrate a different winter holiday, with its own traditional colors?


71 thoughts on “Advent, My Way #2

    • Thanks, Divya! There are actually several different solid reds used–I ran out of the first one, then bought three (I think) more that were slightly different. I like the effect!

  1. The different shades of white and brown – especially the brown that has a touch of golden yellow, with just a touch of red.

  2. The wall color in my “public” spaces is pale green, which is a great neutral for almost any colors. Traditional reds, greens, whites, and golds are beautiful, and this is how I usually decorate for the season. I enjoy putting my Christmas dishes in the dining room hutch and highlighting that space with a twig wreath sporting a large plaid bow. The mantle in the living room crosses the width of the room, and we lay a lit garland all the way across. I also have a very small tree that sits on a table in the entry. It’s all pretty low key.

    Honestly I haven’t been thinking about decorating, as we won’t even be here for the holiday. But we have friends coming over on Tuesday for dinner. Maybe this weekend I’ll spend some time prettying things up.

    • You have Christmas dishes?! That’s pretty hardcore! It is difficult to get into the whole decorating frame of mind when it’s “just for us” but I keep telling myself that we’re worth it!

  3. I don’t follow any color theme. I like the lights on the tree. And my ornaments are a collection of many handmade items bought over the years.

  4. I’m a purist, as far as decorating the house; mostly red, white & green. The tree is a different story! I love ornaments. I probably have enough Santas for one tree, nutcrackers for another tree and animals for a third one! Oh and hearts… I go back and forth on the balls as the background to the ornaments. Some years just r,w&g, but other years I use all sorts of colors. I was shopping yesterday and saw boxes of “shiny bright” ornaments with stripes and scallops and all. We had a lot of those. (I may get the picture up for my blog header!)
    Oh and what I love about red and white is that it moves right into the Winter holidays! I usually leave the red & white things up through February 14th!

    • We haven’t had a tree for a few years and I do miss the ornaments so I am going to take them out today and fondle them! We used to buy ornaments when we took trips, as souvenirs, as well as the handmade ones I’ve done over the year. It’ll be fun to re-visit those memories!

  5. Indoors I always gravitated to white with frosty or silvery accents. Outdoors it was always little white lights until a neighbor of mine who had quite a few blue spruce trees in her yard strung them with blue lights. The blue was an icy color and so subtle. I loved it and switched to blue myself.

  6. I am on the dark side of red and green with white and a little gold. Our tree is memory ornaments, some from my childhood, many made by myself and our girls. Lately, we have had a family ornament challenge each year. That has been fun, and when the girls are ready for their own trees, they will have some special things to begin with. We’ve had some real cool ones; my favorite is still Amanda’s test tube snowman from the year she was in AP Chemistry!

  7. That looks like a beautiful quilt in your frame Kerri! Here, where we hope it will be summer, I tend to go for floral displays, including birds and butterflies and last year we dressed the tree in silver and blue – it was stunning! No tree this year as it’s my ‘Off Christmas’ Christmas but I expect the blue and silver theme to remain for many years to come.

  8. I like the red and green, but don’t forget the glitter factor! Christmas is about light and shimmer and gold and silver and lights on trees and homes and shops to beat back the darkness.

  9. I LOVE your quilt! I don’t know how you stitch such perfect lines and stitches by hand. I have not learned to do that. I’m a multi color light with red and green from my German heritage. White lights are fine the rest of the year, not for Christmas. Unless you live in the tropical zone like Pauline does. If I ever get the chance, I would love to do some peach and teal quilts that would lend themselves more for the whole winter rather than just for Christmas. I guess I’d better get my quilt out now that I think about it. My lights are all up but the tree still has no ornaments yet. Waiting for my daughter to arrive today and we’ll do it together. My sister put the lights on the tree for me. I was getting a bit tippy. 🙂 She also put the decorations on the high shelves. It’s my favorite holiday.

    • Quilting by hand just takes practice! To get the straight lines, I just lay masking tape on the quilt and stitch alongside it. And I’m glad you’re trimming your tree with your daughter–it’s always more fun as a group activity, with the memories!

  10. That’s a beautiful quilt Kerry!
    I really admire trees decorated with a limited colour scheme – red and gold, blue and silver or even all white but…. I just can’t do it! We have so many different tree decorations, all with a history and I can’t leave them in that box, abandoned, unloved. We have multi-colour lights and a 6′ tree groaning with stuff. Very unsophisticated but that’s the way we like it!

  11. Your quilt, with all of the solid reds, is simply beautiful. I am finishing the binding today on a Christmas gift. Then, once we decorate the house, it will be mostly in red, green & white – the predominant colors in most of the elaborate, hand-made decorations made by my Grandmother each year.

    • My precision looks good from a distance but, while doing the quilting, I keep seeing the places that are not at all precise! And I even paper-pieced the blocks–they should be perfect!

    • If that’s boring, I’m boring, too! And it is sheer coincidence–my quilt guild had a red and white challenge and the quilt was made for that. Left to myself, I’d’ve made it blue and white . . .

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