62 thoughts on “Advent, My Way #6

  1. My feelings about snow at Christmas are situational. I’m pleased if I am traveling 15 minutes to a local historical home all decorated for the holiday. I’m not pleased if I’m driving 5 hours in a blizzard and the windshield washer fluid won’t work.

  2. Well….that is awesome!!! I will tell when to send snow this way: a little before Christmas and than nothing on Boxing Day ( Oldest Young Mr. walker is flying in) Than some more again until the 30th.(Youngest Mr. Walker is flying in) I know, completely selfish..but one can dream, right?
    And BTW, not only did Mr.Kerry made you that lovely stocking, he made this light house too!! That makes it even looking more Christmassy. xo Johanna

  3. The icing on the cake! And a first frosting for this particularly lighthouse. Chances of snow here; slim but it has happened. Apparently in 1933 and 1899 there was snow on Christmas Day in Christchurch.

  4. Yes, we now have snow here in Ottawa. More Christmas lights were turned on last evening. Mine, white and red, have been turned on since the first of the month. No fears of a green Christmas this year.

  5. I DO like a white Christmas but prefer the snow to be short lived……..caroling, family gatherings, etc are always more Christmas-y if it’s white outside….BUT, heading to someplace warm (right after Christmas) is a very good thing (IMHO for us!).
    LUV the light house…………in both photos, actually!!!!!

  6. Here in Iowa we have a slightly better than even chance of a white Christmas. And whether that is good or bad (in general) depends completely on whether or not I need to travel through it. In truth, though, we opt out if the weather is too bad. I really don’t care this year, as I won’t be here for it. And where I’m going, if there is any “white,” it will be fog.

  7. Pretty snow! It’s highly unlikely we’ll have a white Christmas though I always hope for one. The best one we had was in 1970 when I was 12 and me and my brother and sister all had bikes for Christmas. The snow started while we were in church for Midnight Mass and kept falling through the night. Absolutely magical!

    • That does sound perfect–the timing! I miss snow at Christmas, when we don’t have it, but I always know that it will be coming . . . . January can be brutal here.

  8. I wish!
    We do get snow down here, now and then, and all hell breaks loose. I have learned to stay home as the roads are not plowed or sanded and none of the locals knows how to drive. Last year we had an ice storm and that was bad. Everyone thinks we moved down here to get away from snow, but that was not the case…
    I love it.

    • Good point! At least here, where we expect tons of snow, we are well-prepared for it! My step-daughter lived in VA and NC for awhile and schools as cancelled ALL the time, even at the hint of a snowflake!

  9. I moved to the Pacific North West to get away from snow. At least the kind you have to shovel. We had a snow mixed with rain yesterday. But when it freezes here, streets are solid ice. Never good. I love snow, just can’t do the heavy lifting anymore and worry about those driving in it. White Christmas here isn’t a real expectation. It was fun when I was younger. πŸ™‚

    • I would take feet of snow over ice any day–that’s when it gets really scary! And the heavy lifting of snow is a real issue.
      I always pooh-poohed snowblowers but it’s a necessity now!

  10. I experienced a few white Christmases during the three years I lived in New York state. It was lovely to have the white snow, but the muddy, grubby February’s that followed drove me back to California.

  11. Not living with snow of any depth, nor on a regular basis, we always love the sight of a white dusting on the ground – but not at Christmas time!! It’s raining again today though – so a wet Christmas is quite on the cards! My friend in Maine sent a message yesterday to say a snow storm had been through – would it have been the same one that visited you? Your beautiful lighthouse looks most festive!!

  12. Not a chance here in the Southern Hemisphere! In fact it doesn’t snow in Winter. So I will enjoy a White Christmas through your photos while hoping that our temperature on Christmas Day doesn’t get too high.

      • Many years ago I had a white Christmas in Massachusetts. It was perfect ~ a tree that looked just like a Christmas tree should look; all the decorations in shops, on people’s houses, on the tree; snow angels; and most especially, warm and open people who invited us into their houses and celebrations. There were no ugly Americans there!
        I guess that Christmas is a celebration about family and friends, regardless of weather. And the other part to Christmas is that it is the beginning of our summer holidays. So it heralds the long, lazy days of Summer.

  13. Wow, what a difference! Looks like you had some weather! I don’t need snow, and if I have it, it’s preferable that I don’t need to go anywhere. I do like to see it coming down and like the hush of it, but I’ll take it when I don’t have to travel…

  14. Pretty photo! This year will be a white Christmas here, for sure! (Sometimes we don’t have snow in Calgary in mid-December due to our warm, windy Chinooks). It’s so bitterly cold now and the deep freeze is supposed to last for the next week or so….

    • Brrrrr . . . Well, if you are pretty sure you’ll have snow, you can at least plan accordingly. It’s the uncertainty–will it snow? Won’t it?–that makes planning anything so difficult this time of year!

  15. The snow gods hate us. We’ve been in central Oregon for 13 years, and we’ve had one Christmas on which there was some snow on the ground,but we’ve yet to get a “snowing” white Christmas. 😦

    Where we live, Christmas is in a bull’s eye and the snow has really lousy aim. We get it before and after, but a white Christmas is like winning the lottery here. And my wife has NEVER had a truly white Christmas.

    Now here’s the kicker … the city just south of here is only 500 feet higher in elevation, and they can be getting snow while all we can see out the window is that ridiculously bright sun.

    • That is weird! And, yet, I lived for years in Buffalo, where lake effect bands of snow would dump feet of snow in one neighborhood, and the next street over would get nothing, so I know it can happen. Maybe this will be the year you win the lottery, Eric!

    • We actually don’t always have one either but we usually do. And if we don’t have snow on Christmas, it’s a sure bet it’ll be coming soon. February and even March can be brutal!

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