Advent, My Way #12

In a crazy, crafty, color convergence, all my current projects are red and white!

I told you about my red and white quilt last week, my evening hand embroidery is still redwork, and the candy I need to make today is peppermint bark.

And serendipity finds red and white on my loom as well!


I am pleased to say, for my own state of mind, that none of these are Christmas gifts.

The weaving is a gift of a different kind and the peppermint bark is for a customer but, with two weeks left until Christmas, the projects aren’t piling up, causing me stress in a rush to finish them in time. In their joyful red and whiteness, they are just helping me get into a proper Christmas mood.

“Advent, my way,” our low-key approach to the holidays, means the stress of making and baking is simply not an issue anymore.

I love that. I love mellow making and mellow living.

But for those of you who love giving and who love a traditional Christmas, I know that, right now, your loving hands may be working feverishly to create an excellent holiday for people you love.

Are you baking? Trying to get paperwhite narcissi to bloom at just exactly the right moment? Do your knitting needles clack and does your sewing machine hum? Are you making your own cards? Finishing a quilted table runner or Christmas stocking? Poring over cookbooks for Christmas dishes to add to the traditional favorites?

Are your hands busy with Christmas creating? Are you stressed or is everything right on schedule? Do you love and flourish in the bustle or look forward to that quiet, really quiet, week between Christmas and New Year?

Have you found your own ways to keep the holiday season mellow?

35 thoughts on “Advent, My Way #12

  1. My Christmas cakes, puddings and mincemeat are long-made in accordance with their own needs to mellow over time. I normally make my own cards too, but couldn’t summon up the necessary enthusiasm this year. Invited to my son’s before Christmas, and to friends of my daughter for Christmas, I’m thoroughly chilled out at the moment, with some cards still to write, some presents to wrap, and the Christmas cake to decorate. And that is all.

  2. Red and white so contrasting,like cold and hot, and so lovely together! I’m mellow for Christmas , always have been … raising seven youngins taught me there’s way more to Christmas than shopping, lots of gifts,and stressed nerves… of course I bake cookies, make special dishes,and gingerbread houses are on the list for grandchildren are old enough to enjoy making them. That’s a Christmas to my family. I don’t want to be sleeping in the chair when grand youngins are outside playing!!

  3. We don’t give many gifts anymore, so things are calm here. Peter just fixed the fireplace ;-D and we’ll get the tree in tonight and start to decorate. The fun and crazy neighborhood Christmas party was Saturday night. We’re going to Asheville on Wednesday to see the finalists in the National Gingerbread House contest! A wonderful Christmas activity.

  4. Caroling around town last eve with my church family was awesome!!! The snow just glistened from all the seasonal house decorations. DH asked why I don’t do the baking I used to when the boys were young. Response……..YOU would be the one to devour them and the variety/number would NOT be a good thing. Solution……pick up some homemade goodies that a quilt friend makes/sells at this time of year!!!! REAL homemade goodness, variety, limited numbers…LOL!!!!!! Just have the fun of wrapping the gifts…..maybe later this week. Many bottles of homemade (80 proof!!!!!) vanilla going out this year!!!! Major yum factor here!!! LOL! Enjoying the Season for sure!!!!!!

  5. My DH decided we wouldn’t send Christmas cards several years back, and we don’t ship gifts anymore. Instead I send a personal gift when I finish it, much nicer to make something specifically for someone without the need to be done for a certain day. I imagine that will change when there are little ones, but for now we are all adults, so low stress! That leaves more time for the fun stuff, like ringing bells at the mall yesterday, or attending one of the many church and school programs being given.

    • It is all easier when the people involved are adults but it feels more like a really special day when there are kids involved! Enjoy your mellow holiday while you can!

  6. Red and white suits your Christmas well – it does look very festive! My quiet Christmas evaporated before my eyes yesterday as my best friend announced she would be arriving next week and we would be doing some travelling …… I have bestirred myself and made some cards for gifts ….. πŸ™‚

  7. Love your red and white. I’m mellow because I made some of your toffee and am on a sugar high. πŸ™‚ I’m working on a lap quilt on the sewing machine, but it’s not a Christmas present. I’ve done my share of ripping, but in general it is moving along. The next part are about 100 3″ half squares I need to make. I may have a different answer once I tackle that part.

    • I’ve been on a similar sugar high for a couple weeks! I made cookies yesterday (said I wasn’t going to but I did) and they are too good. I love the look of half-square triangles but 100 of them at once would be seriously daunting!

  8. Two presents still to make, well three officially but my daughter has no chance of her quilt being finished for then, I’ve not even started it yet! I’ll have it ready for when she starts uni in January πŸ™‚

  9. I still have lots and lots to do but yesterday was the last day of term so no more driving to Norwich twice a day and no terrible anxiety wondering if daughter’s anxiety will mean she won’t be able to get out of the car/go into college etc. Nearly three weeks without that means I don’t much care whether anything gets done on time or not! Well….I *do* care and will be working very hard to get things done but it will be done with a light heart.

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