Advent, My Way #13

Let’s see. We’ve talked about the Santas, the weather, and the red and white hand-crafted projects. We’ve done some music and a recipe and some reminiscing.

What about Advent, chez nous, is missing so far?

Vintage linens, that’s what!

That post has been written so I’ll just dust it off and present it again. Many of you have been loyal friends long enough that you’ll remember this post.

For the rest of you, I hope you’ll be inspired to go through any old family linens you have hidden away and consider bringing them out for your holiday fun.

If not now, when??

30 thoughts on “Advent, My Way #13

  1. After a long distance move about fifteen years ago, I do not own any vintage linens. (Picture me hanging my head in shame.) I buy ornaments when we travel, and I buy my daughter and grands ornaments every year. But, my tree is a mix of ornaments that have memories attached to them. I could tell you a story about each and every one of them. 🙂 Love the red and white linens – beautiful.

  2. Beautiful linens, Kerry. I love to think that each one has a relationship with its maker and bringing them out to display is paying tribute to those crafting hands. The decorations that I am sure to pull out every season are the vintage Santas, elves, and angels that have been passed down over the years. And I am the Christmas ‘ au naturel’ type as well…plenty of greens, cones, berries, as well. Glad you re-posted this!

    • It always interests me how we each find our own ways of making this holiday meaningful, thru the decorations. I love the au naturel approach, too–never too many pincecones!

  3. So glad you reposted!! I forgot how beautiful the linens were. My vintage linens are used all year though as most of them came from my grandmothers. I love being surrounded by their memories.

  4. I love that tone on tone weaving! I wonder how many people decorate with vintage linens. Do you think the younger people today appreciate these beautiful pieces?

  5. They are very beautiful. I love the red and white combination. I’ve made one red and white quilt, and though it’s not high on my list, I do think I’ll make another, which I would keep.

    My home holiday preps need to be finished this week. Next week we’ll buy stocking stuffers and some strings of light to brighten Son’s home. We’ll load his refrigerator, one 100-stairs trip down to his place at a time. (In truth we haven’t counted the steps yet, but there are a lot of them. Several floors’ worth. It’s good my knees are healthier!)

  6. The fabric of the past is so wonderful compared to some of the things available today. I love the deer linen, oh my! It is so intricate and yet has a definite cabin feel to it. Beautiful!!

    • The deer linen is one of my all-time favorites. It is so rich and almost crispy in texture–really high-quality linen. And the fringe is still perfect–you don’t see that very often!

  7. Yes, I remember this lovely post from first time round. I’m one of the ‘I’ll enjoy it far more if I’m not stressed’ type. So for this, and nostalgic reasons, the same tree decorations come out over the decades. I’ve got baubles from my childhood, from my children’s childhood, and now from my grandchildren’s. No other decorations to speak of. That’ll do me.

  8. I remember that post and the beautiful linens draped en masse. When I was doing the last clear out and rearrange I found three lovely old tablecloths that I thought I had given away 🙂 I was quite pleased to find I hadn’t. They are beautiful, still white linen, two trimmed in blue (of course, what else?) and one is plain. I haven’t used them yet……

  9. There is nothing more that I enjoy than dressing up the dining room for a good party…my table linens, dinnerware (yes, dinnerware for ANY occasion) decorations…it honers the guests and foods!

      • I do have Christmas dishes as well , a nice mix and match. And further more I collect vintage Bleu Onion. Thats my personal ‘sport’, I can only buy it at thrift stores and garage sales etc. I have an everyday dinnerware consisting of everything pretty I come across for next to nothing and when I got married I got a beautiful Art Deco dinner set..only to be handled by me, so when something is dropped I am the only to blame. Its irreplaceable, since it was only produced for less than a year by a factory that has gone up in flames. But having said that: I always use everything in my house. I dropped one bowl form this set and I was cross with myself for 5 minutes. I enjoy the set more when used than on display ;o) How about you?

  10. We used to put up a small tree with ornaments, but the cats are way to “helpful”. I just have my Aunt’s Christmas tree candle, and a small, wooden folding tree with a string of tiny lights that stays up on the entertainment center, out of their reach.

  11. These linens are exquisite Kerry – I’m glad you re-blogged because I’d never have seen them otherwise. The white on white damask is so beautiful!
    I have no decorations from my childhood as I think I’ve already said but some of the baubles and candle holders I bought when my eldest daughter was a baby are very dear to my heart. I was newly separated from my first husband and had hardly any money for frippery but I wanted to make things pretty. I made lots of paper decorations which my mother still remembers and my parents helped me purchase a Christmas tree. The tissue-paper ‘stained-glass’ hasn’t survived but the other decorations have.

    • I love the idea of decorations that were handmade and from the heart. And especially that you took the trouble to make them when you were in a difficult stage of life.

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