Advent, My Way #21

Well, of course we have handmade Christmas ornaments!

We haven’t put up a tree in a few years but I sorted through our ornaments this year, and smiled to find some of the ones I’ve made. These are my favorites.

I know you must have handmade ornaments, too, whether you made them or they were made for you, by other loving hands. Have you written a blog post about them? Care to share?

60 thoughts on “Advent, My Way #21

    • Not one?? I’m a little bit in shock–with your gardening skill, New England roots, etc., I had you pegged as a Christmas crafter. Christmas is still a few days away . . .

    • I made those years ago–the faces are a scrap of nylon from an old stocking, stuffed with cotton batting, and a few stitches make the face. I should see if I can remember how to do it . . .

  1. I do not have ‘ancient’ handmade ornaments since my family was very practical and protestant and no such follies as creating frilly things ;o) ( I am the keeper of my mom’s handmade Christian dress and beautiful knitted baby cape…since my barbaric sisters were going to throw them away!!!) I do have Christmas treasures my sons made over the years and some I made myself. They are visible on the blog but i did not put emphasis on them. I am personally very happy with the sampler I made when for the first Christmas Mr. Walker and I spent as a married couple! But I will keep it in mind for next year becuase those stars with faces inspired me! No time anymore now but I put the image on my mood board! Can you tell be something about those stars? If you have time that is…xoxo Johanna

  2. Those stars with faces are adorable! They’re actually kind of surreal which I really like about them. They remind me of the star in my favourite smashing pumpkins video ( I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about Christmas decorations but there are plenty of handmade ones on my tree, and a motley collection of ornaments that me and my family have picked up on travels or from the different places where we’ve lived.

    • Maybe someday you need to blog about your ornaments! The stars with faces can get really bizarre if that’s what the maker wants. We used to have one with pale blue eyes that looked really demented.

  3. Well, I haven’t blogged about them but a long long time ago my mother and I did make Christmas ornaments. The dining room table was coversed with Styrofoam balls fabric, ribbon, sequins, pearls and little pins. They have survived over 50 years and still adorn my brother’s tree. He’s the only one of us that still puts up a tree…he’s got young grandchildren.

  4. I love your little stockings – they have stripes resembling the Hudson’s Bay blankets!

    I don’t have any ornaments that I’ve made myself, but I do have some sweet little angels that my mother-in-law crocheted, and I have an ornament that looks like a pinecone, made by a cousin.

  5. My favorite was the angel topper that my son made in Grade 1, Miss Nalepa’s class, from a cardboard. toilet roll center.
    Unfortunately, it bit the dust last year. Nick is now 46, so it did not do so badly.

  6. I’m not sure about those star with faces…………. After a glass of wine and in the wrong light they might scare me 🙂 I posted a photo of my tree last year, it had hand made painted flowers and butterflies all over it, does that count?

    • You bet it counts! I remember that tree and how very different it was from Northern Hemisphere Christmas trees! The current little star faces are pretty benign. We used to have a couple, long lost, that did have a kind of demented look . . .

  7. I have special ornaments but none that I’ve made. Hmmm… wait a minute… ornament means to add something to dress up or add to an object..right ?!.. I just made a lovely table runner for our Christmas Dinner.:)

  8. Yes, a few hand-made ornaments live in this house, though only a couple are on display this year. i see you have quilted and embroidered ornaments, but will there be some woven ones one day? Here’s a small tale about ornaments. We moved into our White Plains apartment shortly before Christmas 1987. We had very little in the way of furniture or furnishings or money or anything, so imagine what fun it was to see that the previous owners had left a Christmas tree and boxes of ornaments in the hall cupboard. I don’t know if they meant to leave their tree behind. I don’t know who the people were or where they went, but the decorations are still with me! Not the tree though.

    • Gee, some of our ornaments went missing when my sister lived in NYC and then moved . . . do you suppose?? 😉 I was thinking I should add some handwoven doodads to the mix. But, on the other hand, the ornaments i was showing haven’t seen the light of day in a few years, (until I needed them for a blog post!) so maybe I should weave something more practical.

  9. I already posted about some of our handmade ornaments. My favorite is still the test tube Snowman from AP Chem…I remember those faces being made into “little old people” when I was younger. They are some of the most unique ornaments I’ve ever seen!!

    • Yes, and I love the idea of the test tube Santa! I need to play around with making the little faces again and see if I can remember how–I just know it involved nylon stockings and cotton batting . . .

      • Yesterday Manda made her ornament for this year…it is the ruins of some Greek temple to commemorate graduation in June! She got some polymer clay and used it and toothpicks. At first the columns looked like miniature corn dogs. She stained it with coffee and baked it…where does she get these ideas??

  10. I have never seen anything like the face stars. They remind me of cabbage patch kids in stars. I can imagine them being marketed – “Adopt a star for Christmas. Each one is unique and has its own name.” I am pinning to my Christmas crafts board on Pinterest.

    I’ve made many ornaments and decorations during the past several years, and this is a new aspect of Christmas for me that I’ve been enjoying very much. Growing up, it was glass balls, and of course for our era, plenty of tinsel.

    • You’re a marketing genius! I’m going to try and remember how I made those and, if I do, I’ll post a tutorial. I like handmade ornaments so much, although the glass balls and tinsel hold nostalgic appeal for me, too!

  11. No tree?!? With all your crafty ornament, and no place to display them? How about a garlanIId on the hearth with ornaments hanging from the swags? Or along the top shelf of a bookcase? We used to go out and cut a tree in the woods when I was small, then we down-graded to a Christmas tree farm when we had our own kids in a suburban area, then down-graded again to a Christmas tree lot after the kids left for college. Last year we finally gave up on setting up a seven-foot spruce in our living room – too hard on our aging backs to lift it into its stand – but we have instead a very realistic artificial tree with lights pre-wired on. Every ornament is sentimental: spun-glass birds that clip onto the branch from my grandmother-s collection, plastic ornaments with paper hanging rings from WWII that my mother handed down, white Styrofoam balls wrapped in gold and silver doilies and ribbons that my mom and her friends made to decorate the tree when my husband and I were married at Christmas time… and on and on. Wish I could post a picture!

    • I’d love to see the tree you describe–with all those ornaments! As sentimental as I tend to be, I have very few really old ornaments–I wish I knew what happened to the ones from when I was a child. We did put some of what we have out this year, on the mantel, etc. I think we need to keep exploring non-tree options, since we have cats . . .

  12. I’m late here but it’s kind of fun seeing all the other comments. I have a lot of handmade ornaments on my tree; but none were made by me! I’ve been “gonna” make some every year. I think this one is it. I’ll start in a couple of weeks after I find my house again. I’m going to need another tree though. You have inspired me. 🙂 Happy New Year, Kerry.

    • I think it’s a good idea to start Christmas ornaments soon, while you’re still in the spirit! Plus, they’re small so you can feel really productive when you finish them quickly!

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