The Things I Do For You . . .

I wanted to be sure that you fully appreciate what you have, all of you who are enjoying spring or, in the Southern Hemisphere, late summer! So I bundled up and went out to get some photos of our late-winter wonderland.

As all the bloggers in the northeast US will tell you, we got a big ol’ storm yesterday and last night. It reached blizzard strength here, with wind gusts of 50 miles per hour.

I can’t really say how much snow we got, since the blowing means we see bare ground in spots, but have 4 foot drifts in other places. The reports from weather sources say we got about 2 feet of snow.

We’ll spend a good bit of time today with the snow blower and shovel, and then come back to the cozy house, to enjoy our enforced solitude!

I put captions on the photos, to help you know what you’re seeing! In the mosaic, hover your mouse over the photo to see the caption.

And my favorite photos, which show how the snow drifts and creates beautiful waves.

Edited to add: HUGE progress made but there’s still a car in there . . . IMG_0852

85 thoughts on “The Things I Do For You . . .

  1. Gorgeous photos – I agree about those stunning waves in the final pics – fabulous! Even though I am not in the Southern Hemisphere, I have nevertheless looked fondly and appreciatively out at all our lovely spring flowers bobbing in the sunshine – thank you for the prompt! šŸ™‚

  2. Lovely photos! We got snow too, but not as much as you did and I think the wind wasn’t as bad. Boy is it slippery underneath all that snow! Got some shoveling done. Have a batch of scones baking and ready to do some weaving with bright spring colors.

    • The wind was the craziest part! And it’s still blustery–I was driving on rural roads yesterday and had to leave my lane much of the time because of the snow drifting into it! Weaving spring colors is a great antidote!

  3. Thanks for all the great pics – made me think of the blizzard of 77…….as I’m experiencing temps in the mid 90’s all week here in AZ. Never thought I’d be able to handle the heat, now I wonder if I could ever tolerate the cold. Hang in there – spring will make it worth the wait.

  4. Awe.. thank you for going out and taking those beautiful photos!! That wind was blowing snow… that spells cold,cold and very cold…. I shivered for you … I need to go out later today to cover up some plants to protect them from a freeze tonight.

    • The wind was really what made it interesting but, yes, really cold, too. The side of our house where we really had to dig out–driveway/cars–is the lee side so it wasn’t so bad to be out there.

  5. lol – you are so good to us! We didn’t get quite that much snow – it ended as rain, so we have about a foot of snow-blower-proof clay like gunk. Shoveling this morning was rather a chore. The winds were incredible, weren’t; they? It was quite a wild night, But the storm passed through very fast, and now we just have the wind, brrrr, and falling temps. And more snow predicted for Saturday. As long as it all stops by Monday (fake spring) I will be thrilled. šŸ™‚

  6. Hang in there girl…Spring is around the corner!!! Excellent weather btw for brats, hot chocolat and apple pie! I hope you snuggle up under one of your beautiful quilts and enjoy it a little bit…xo Johanna

    • We honestly did enjoy the whole event! It was fun to watch the snow blowing around and it gave us the perfect excuse to stay home and indulge ourselves. I don’t think spring is exactly around the next corner, though . . .

  7. Yup, I know what you mean. It changed over to sleet / rain here later in the afternoon and now it’s like concrete. Good thing I got a jump start on shoveling before it changed over. But the end of the driveway is piled high with this frozen stuff left by the plow. Just got to do it little by little…or wait for a month or so for it to melt.

    The picture of your door gave me a laugh. I’ve got the exact same situation. This morning the screen door was frozen shut. Gave it a good hard push and it came off its hinges.

    I’ve got a couple of robins here and I’ve been feeding them fresh blueberries because the ground is frozen solid.. They are comfortable eating in a somewhat protected area near a huge holly. Well, I cleaned a pathway to the spot very early yesterday morning while the snow was still light and put some berries down. Then it snowed like crazy until about 3 or so. I shoveled a path out there then. This was heavy snow, the kind that sticks to the shovel. You go to throw it and it doesn’t move…just stays right there on the shovel. I hate that stuff! And I put out more berries.

    It snowed a little more after an hour or so of rain. I didn’t see thee robins. I was sitting by the window in the den a little after 6 PM and the robin hops on the window sill with an frantic look. I jump up, run out there and put more berries down. The other ones were no longer visible, covered by snow. But I didn’t see them come to the berries.

    And I didn’t sleep well thinking they were cold and hungry. I’m nuts, I know.

    So I went out there this morning and they’re singing away. I put down more berries and they (along with the Cardinals and Blue Jays) are eating them. They are happy and I am happy.

    You must have some really tall boots to be able to take those photos. Can you believe it’s the middle of March?

    • I am so glad you put the robin story into your own blog–it’s a great tale! That heavy, icy snow you got is MUCH worse to deal with than what we had. I remember those icy banks at the end of the driveway from when I lived in Buffalo. We’d just get it cleared and the plow would come by and make a new one! Grrrr . . .

  8. These are lovely photos, and yes, I’m jealous, because we didn’t have a proper winter this year, with decent prolonged periods of cold to clean everything up. Still, maybe now, with our daffodils and spring blossoms at their glorious best, maybe I can afford to kick jealousy into the long grass.

    • I’d say just enjoy your spring! The snow is really beautiful so far, blinding in the sun, but it’ll get dirty and muddy soon. It’ll be quite a long time before daffodils here . . .

    • The wind was wild!! I enjoyed the whole event, really. And the cars were so weird. The one closer to the end of the driveway was almost free of snow (except at the base of it where it was mired) but the one closer to the house was totally buried! Still is, if truth be told . . .

  9. Thank you. I kept hearing about the snow in the US yesterday. Hard to believe when we are basking in SprIng sunshine in the UK. Hopefully it will thaw soon, but lovely pictures in the meantime.

    • It was an impressive storm, and kind of fun! It’s going to be awhile before it melts . . . but a slow melt is preferable to a fast one, in terms of flooding.

  10. What a difference a day makes!! Snow is so beautiful when you can stay home and go into it for short, fun, forays…… Did you settle in front of the fire and admire the prettiness through your window? Did you make something warming and comforting to eat and or drink while doing so? Perhaps a good book kept you company while some soothing piano (or clarinet) jazz tinkled away in the background? I love that snow gives permission to take time out from regular life……..

    When we get ‘snow’ it’s usually a little like shaking a salt pot over the ground and us going “Wow!!”. The most I’ve ever had to deal with here at home is the equivalent of 4 – 6″ and that on just three exciting occasions……. And never yet since I’ve been retired!

    We had a two day introduction to winter last weekend. This didn’t go down at all well given our summer has been all of four weeks long. I dug out the winter sweaters and woolly socks – they weren’t that well buried due to their short hiatus. But yesterday the warmth returned with a bang and we were back to singlets and sandals. Weather conditions are endlessly interesting these days! šŸ™‚

    P.S. The last photo of the still buried car is quite spectacular – someone has done an excellent job of making a straight wall beside it too šŸ™‚

    • We did take time out from regular life, just as you describe! Truth be told, regular life around here is very mellow but we took it up a notch. I can’t believe you’re already have days that make you think of winter but the seasons are a-changin’. I hope you keep your summer quite a lot longer even though I am ready to move on from winter!

    • I have lived my whole life in places where there’s never any doubt of “proper” snow–the question is just how much. This storm was the biggest in about 6 years–and kind of fun, to be honest!

    • That car is still buried. We got lazy and didn’t do anything about it yet. I noticed that the snow was “calving” off the side of it yesterday, just like a glacier!

  11. What a storm!! Looks as though you did lots of shoveling and snow blowing. Goodness, it’s beautiful, but what exercise getting dug out. The nice thing is that you can go back into the house, sit in front of the fire and have a drink (brandy, cocoa…) I bet the lake is beautiful. It’s so lovely to see drifts and the light hitting them. Enjoy. Mud season is around the corner…

    • I wish you could’ve seen the drifts yesterday with the sun bright upon them! It was all very pretty and not as hard as all that to dig out from. Our snowblower is not that big but it’s tough and the snow was very light to shovel. And, yes, coming in to the warm house was delightful!

    • It was a good storm! We came though fine but, in some areas, they’ll be talking about it for years! We’re being lazy about that one car–I should take photos of the way nature deals with the melting process . . .

    • It’s the fact that it’s the middle of March that hurts. We know we’re going to get big snow here but . . . March?? And, yet, the last really big storm I remember was in March as well!

      • Our last really snowy winter was 2012/13. We had had a short thaw during the last couple of weeks of February but more snow and freezing temps came in March which were worse than the winter snows. Many of my plants were killed then that had survived the earlier bad weather.

  12. Kerry, I don’t have a television so I didn’t know you got bucket loads of snow. I would be worried about the robins, too, so you aren’t alone.I think everyone loves robins. I saw one here today. All the snow we received, about 7 inches, melted in two days. Hope that happens to you, too. But, I don’t know, that is a lot of snow. I can’t believe the inside of the storm door! Holy mackerel! The ice on the street is the worst. Be safe, my friend.

    • I don’t think this is going to melt for awhile–it’s staying pretty cold out, except where the sun beats down. But the snow is really pretty and the roads are generally clear now so all is well!

  13. Plastered here in Maine as well. Lost power, shoveled and shoveled and shoveled, the poor sheep were just getting used to more range ( not liking to travel deep snow).Oh my, a doozy! So much cleaning up there wasn’t even time for knitting…and that’s just bad.

    • That sounds rough! We didn’t lose power (and have one of those hard-wired generators anyway) and we do have a small snowblower. And we have a lot less property that we are responsible for. All that combined meant that our cleaning up was manageable, PLUS we didn’t have to worry about sheep, just cranky cats!

  14. Oh my goodness – although it does look serene and beautiful, I’m quite glad we’re having a beautiful spring day over here. I had to laugh at the heading “there’s a car under there” because it looked like an armrest in the backseat of a car on first glance šŸ˜€

  15. Well, that was fun wasn’t it? We didn’t get as much snow as you, but also had it blow in under our sliding glass door (which recently lost its bottom insulation strip). Crazy. Your sculpted drifts are works of art.

    • I hate it when it blows in! It was very sunny yesterday and the snow drifts were even prettier. I kept thinking I should stop the car and take photos to show you all . . . but I didn’t. Oops!

  16. Kerry, what a storm. I’m amazed at all that snow, all at once, and after a relatively mild winter, too. It sure is pretty (and I always think of it as quiet somehow, too.) I guess everyone else is home as well. Thanks for braving the cold for the snaps. By the way, does any of that snow every seep into the cars? I’ve often wondered.

    • People in this part of the country know how to deal with these storms so most everyone weathered it fine–stayed home, off the roads, etc. The most dangerous time, it seems, is when people who are usually sedentary go out and start shoveling–I did hear about heart attacks. And, no, I can’t remember seeing snow seep inside a car–I suppose it could happen with a really old, decrepit vehicle, though. When you open the car door to get the snow scraper, that’s when all the snow flies in and covers the seat!

  17. Beautiful photos. We have had mild weather here this week and I am hoping that you have had all the snow so there is non left for us! Just going outside to remind myself that it is spring!

  18. It will sound crazy, but I do miss real Winter! My favorite winter place was Colorado. We got lots of snow but because of the altitude and low humidity, it was almost always so comfortable – and in the car – very hot! Down here we get lots of 40 degree days with wind and humidity and it is so biting. I know, not what you have but unpleasant enough! We have had lots of Spring – y days but it’s been in the 30’s recently. I hope that means the wonderful peach trees will have a happy year. The peas and carrots and spinach have sprouted but biding their time. ;-D

  19. My goodness. I knew there’d been a storm over with you but the photos really bring it home. Very beautiful though – when enjoyed from the comfort of my chair with the fire blazing merrily šŸ™‚

    • I spent most of the storm enjoying it from my chair, with the fire blazing, too! And the snow is starting to melt and maybe spring will come . . . eventually!

  20. OH MY! Kerry I saw fleeting pictures on the news but… it brought back memories of growing up in Minnesota with storms like that occasionally. You know what they say about March. Stay warm.

    • Oh, yes–Minnesota gets its fair share so you have a good idea what this was like! Honestly, though, it was kind of fun and think how we’ll appreciate spring when it arrives!

  21. We had about 8 inches on our mountain. I did not have a camera, but while shoveling around the cabin, I noticed the snow symmetrically piled on the bird bath. It looked like bunt cake. Now we mostly have the piles of snow that we formed by shoveling and plowing. Our dog enjoys sitting on those and reminiscing about winter. — Oscar

  22. All that snow is amazing and beautiful. I think I would like it if I could stay at home, but it would make getting out a lot more difficult. I would be shocked if I got up in the morning and saw my car covered like that!
    There has been repaving of the streets around where I live during the past two weeks which gives you an idea about the weather. Because we had a rainier winter than usual, the California poppy and other wildflowers are blooming..

    • When I was working and teaching 8 a.m. classes, in Buffalo, waking up to a snowy driveway was the worst! But now, as you say, it’s kind of fun because we just stay home. California sounds delightful . . .

  23. Yea, I was hoping for more snow in Newark, but it wasn’t too bad. I’m a Florida girl, so snow is like magic to me. I know it makes for a rough time, clearing it out and all, but it’s still so beautiful and pristine! Great pics!

    • Thanks! My sister lives in Westchester and she was expecting a lot more snow, too, but it hit us harder. And, honestly, I prefer snow to a rain/ice/snow combo!

  24. Love your photos AND reading that you enjoyed the snow. I cynically did not expect that down here in Virginia we would get the snow that was called for, and sadly, I was right. Days of subfreezing temps but only one measly inch of snow. Thank you for letting me enjoy your snow through your images.

    • I wish I could send the snow to you! It’s actually been melting and we still haven’t dug that one car out–Don thinks it’s going to reappear on its own pretty soon!

  25. Yikes. We’ve had some dumpings of snow, but yours looks impressive! Actually, we can’t complain too much, because S. Ontario has had enough mild weeks to surprise us this winter.
    Nice photos!

  26. uggh – I feel for you. We were flying out of Minneapolis that night (to Arizona) and were stranded until midnight when we finally took off. I know it was far worse elsewhere as your photos show. Snow melted yet?

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