66 thoughts on “Oh, For the Love of All Things Holy . . .

    • Just found this comment–sorry! That cat, my sweet Zack, will go outside in any weather . . . but he didn’t *stay* outside long that particular day!

  1. I was surprised to see on my weather app last night that it was snowing in your neck of the woods – while spring has sprung here and we’re having the most beautiful days right now.
    That blue-ish glass bottle/vase in one of your pics looks exactly like one I have sitting here in my living room btw 🙂 . Although yours probably isn’t from a home decoration shop…

    • My bottle came from some flea market or garage sale, I’m sure. I shouldn’t leave it outside in all kinds of weather . . . but I forget and then it’s full of ice and snow!

  2. I was just wondering how you were doing…now I know. We got about an inch of sleet on the ground. Happy April Fools Day!

  3. Sorry, I couldn’t bring myself to hit ‘like.’ 🙂 As I look out my window I see the same picture. Everything is white again. We have several inches, and it will coming down until late afternoon. I’ll be sewing today, ignoring it, and hoping it melts quickly. 🙂

  4. Oh dear! I had read that there was a storm passing though bringing snow to the north. I really did try to feel your misery… just that it is hard to do when the sun is shining warm (85*)and I’m outside in flip flops, I even tried to shiver that didn’t work either . The photos are beautiful though,also looks like it’s a wet snow.

  5. It probably won’t make you feel any better – but the photos are beautiful, especially the bottom one. I can sense the cold and damp from here. Hope it thaws again for you very soon.

    • It has been thawing very nicely. We still have snow where it drifted deep but on the roads and driveways, it’s clear. And pretty warm–almost spring-like!

  6. That’s astonishing. While I was staying in London last week, I really could have managed without a coat or jacket. Just saying …..

    Mind you it was glacial here ‘oop north’ apparently.

  7. Yes, I can believe it! I am currently in the Florida Keys and in less than 12 hours I’ll be back up north. Mother Nature has a way of playing April Fool’s Pranks on is with the weather. No foolin’.

  8. Oh my word! It’s so pretty – but I know you want green not white. We have just put our clocks back for six months of standard time – but summer continues on…… Will this disappear quickly and just be the last hurrah?

    • It is disappearing quite quickly and I think it’ll be the last–the forecast seems to be for lots of rain but much milder temps. I can deal with that . . .

  9. Poor you! I am hoping we have had the last of our cold weather, though we could get snow/frost etc at any time in the next few weeks. We have had some very pleasant weather and I have discarded my coat on a few occasions! I hope the thaw and warm weather arrive in your neck of the woods very soon. Lovely photos, btw 🙂

    • It’s still chilly and wet here but today the sun is supposed to shine! We’re waiting for the ice to go out of our bay–then I will believe that spring is really here . . .

  10. We are waiting here, just wondering…it’s shaping up for us to get one of those spring dumps…hopefully this is your last big snow! Looks like you got 4-6 inches, hopefully the monster flake, melt fast kind!

  11. Yeow! I read about this and shook my head! Your pictures are lovely, but, say January-ish rather than April 1st-ish. I’m tired just thinking of the shoveling! I hope it melts into a lovely spring for you.

  12. I am so sorry about the snow. It is so beautiful though. Bet you get an extra long summer while the rest of us go into the next fall. It’s been dry finally for a day or 2 but quite chilly. Dry is a good thing as the land is eroding from all the rain. Two of my neighbors will probably have to have their homes moved out because the backyard is gone. We are all ready for warm, dryer spring.

      • I think it’s our wettest winter on record and they keep losing more and more land behind the house. It was just a gully and the engineer said it was perfectly safe to put homes on. Ha. Fortunately, with manufactured homes, they can be moved, though not easily and quite expensively.

  13. Your photos are gorgeous! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. The snow is melting here, slowly, and we are getting a lot of rain today. April showers bring May flowers. You have a lovely blog. 🙂

  14. Wow! We had a serious cold front pass through here yesterday – it was only 72! We had just been swimming in the pool over the weekend after several days of temps in the 90’s. The scenery you have is beautiful though!

  15. Your photos of the snow and snow kitty are beautiful. I heard the east coast got snow on April 1st. I think we are all done with snow in my part of western Oregon, although April has thrown a surprise or two at us.

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