69 thoughts on “Morning is breaking . . .

  1. Stunning photo Kerry!!! What a view to wake up to, how can one not be inspired by that!!! Enjoyed your report on Boston and loved it. I really need to go there! Cheers my friend, xo Johanna

    • The lake level has been QUITE high–a little nervous-making–but it has started to go down some. Of course, now we’re looking at a very rainy forecast . . .

    • Being here adds the rest of the picture–the sounds of the cows mooing across the bay and the geese honking and carrying on. And the smells of spring. Well, you’ve been here–you know!

      • It’s funny how that works, but it is so true. Do you ever come across an old photo and think “wow, that really was spectacular?” It’s funny to think that photography has only been with us for a few generations. Our ancestors went through life without photographic representation of anything.

  2. With a beautiful morning like that…. one needs silence. The brain is too busy trying to progress all the delight that the eye is seeing….

    • I’m up very early every morning so I get to see a lot of lovely sunrises–then I have to describe them to all those folks who stay in bed and miss them!

  3. J > Just looked up Lake Champlain and suddenly that clicks: it’s on the US-Canada waterway that I remember following in detail on Google Earth, Wikipedia. I’m a life-long ‘inland waterway’ geek (though these days just from my armchair/desk), and am fascinated by waterways in far-flung places. But back to Lake Champlain: I rememberr noticing how the field and settlement pattern on US and Canada sides are so different: and in fact how on the Canadian side the landscape is very reminiscent of France. So I started researching the history …

    • Jeez, Jonathan, I think you know more about Lake Champlain than I do! That’s interesting about the Canadian side resembling France–the reason it was settled by the French and remains French-speaking today? There’s a ton of fascinating history here–battles in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, etc. My own ancestors have lived in this area since the late 1700s–that’s pretty old by American standards!

  4. Absolutely in luv with your opening photo!!! I can just feel the power in those clouds and the tension of what’s pending. The last photo of the Matisse exhibit appeals to me, also. Can see that in a quilt……reminds me of coral. And those runners!!!!! All I can say is “Kudos”……………

    • Being right on the water is interesting, even in winter. We get the ice fishermen and occasional ice boat. But that north wind can be brutal. Summer and fall are the best here.

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