Summer 2017


It’s been a summer, with highlights and struggles.

We’ve been weaving.

Working, and playing, outdoors.


Enjoying the lake.


Over-indulging, on ice cream, adult beverages, and catnip.

I’ve been inordinately thrilled with my first food crop—a total of about 30 raspberries from two forlorn bushes we planted last year.


We’ve spent lots of time with family members. We’ve seen a good deal of the ones we are closest to, and treasured every minute, and we had a chance to spend time with cousins I hadn’t seen in 25 years.

Image 7-30-17 at 7.52 AM

Don and I participated in our first craft show as weavers—we had a perfect summer day, great feedback on our weaving, and a fine number of sales.

Image 7-30-17 at 7.52 AM (1)

It hasn’t all been sunshine and cocktails and easy living, though.

One of our number, a man we love, is struggling with scary health issues and we are trying to do all we can to support him.

It’s like a dark cloud encroaching on a sunny day . . . that cloud hovers there and distracts us from carefree joys of summer, causes deep concern for what comes next, brings a measure of dread.

I will hold summer in my heart, though, and remember that even on the darker days, this time is precious, every single moment of all the days.

So much going on . . . I haven’t had so much time for, or felt much like, writing. But your writing and your photos buoy me. Keep those summer posts coming . . .

86 thoughts on “Summer 2017

  1. Oh, your kitties are so beautiful! Living in a catnip filled moment.

    Congrats on the raspberries. I planted pole beans from seeds that were several years old. They were doing great, I even started to harvest a few beans and then some creature gnawed through the base of all of them except for one, so basically that is the end of the beans. The cherry tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and herbs are doing well.

    Time is precious…hope you enjoy every summer moment.

  2. Wonderful family visits, gorgeous views, and hooray for the raspberries. 🙂 I picked 5 pints last weekend, and they finished up the season this week. I’ve pruned the spent branches out, cleaned up the ground, and they are ready to sit back and relax until next year. Hope you have even more next year. 🙂

    • We’re still getting a few berries–one of the bushes gets a little less sun than the other so the berries are slower to ripen. Something is chewing little holes in the leaves, though–any thoughts about what?

  3. Great picture of the family gathering. I hope you have the names listed for future generations. Enjoy the summer and take care of family, the writing will come in it’s own time.

    • I will definitely go back and list the names, Charles! I thought of you when we were at that party–my cousins had two big tables covered with old photos. People stood around, reminiscing and identifying some of the photos with names–it was great!

  4. Dear Kerry, lovely post when it comes to highlights of summer. Great pic of Mr. Kerry to. However, I am sorry to ear about your friend, dark cloud indeed. Sending good vibes and big hugs, xo Johanna

  5. I have been thinking of you and hoping you were just being absent and enjoying summer. You are having a time of it! How wonderful to spend time with extended family and catch up on the far flung bits of it as well. How wonderful to have had a successful outing at your first craft fair – may there be many more! But it is hard to support a loved one through illness and perhaps their final days. it something many would shy away from, but doing it, being there for the ailing one is such a gift both to them and to us and is part of the cycle of life and death that we all live within. I wish you both strength and serenity as you attend to this aspect of your summer. I must tell you that I attended a celebration of life for a wonderful man a couple of days ago, it was such a privilege to be there and listen to all the speakers and all the stories as a full picture of his remarkable life and being was laid before us. It is the best of legacy’s to leave such love and appreciation in our wake. Sending love xoxo

  6. “The secret of life is not about knowing what to say or do. It’s not about doing love or loss right. Life cannot be handled. The secret is simply to show up. It’s about witnessing it all, even the pain, and letting it touch you and make you not harder but more tender. Showing up, feeling it all — this is my new kind of prayer. I call it praying attention, and it’s how, for me, everything turns holy.” ~ Glennon Doyle

  7. I was so delighted to read about the weaving that it was successful,the lovely sunset,a fun family gathering ,mouthwatering raspberries and….. a twist of pain …. praying for strength for all!

  8. I see you made the “tab in the middle” hand towels. They are on my list for “someday” to weave. They turned out beautifully, as did your other towels! Congrats on your first show!!! It’s been a tough summer here too – love you and those you are caring for.

  9. To be thrilled by 30 home grown raspberries shows how you can delight in the small things. Thank you for sharing with us the small wonders of your summer. I am sorry that you are going through the pain of your friend’s health issues, but I am sure that he is appreciating everything that you are doing for him. We live the life we have, with as much care and dignity as we can. xxx

  10. Yes, family visits, friendships, gardening… by the end of the day, I would rather check a few blogs, read a book, sit quietly rather than write (I’m two theatre reveiws behind from last weekend…) -Oscar

  11. I think the goodness of the summer so far, will help with your walk with your friend. I hope things go well with the rest of the summer (more raspberries!!!) and your friend’s health.

    • Thanks, Lisa–lots of changes around here that we’re trying to figure out but at least we have sunny days and wild thunderstorms to distract and wow us.

  12. Those beautiful cats look seriously ‘catnipped up’ – I go a bit like that after a few glasses of wine but not in such a decorative manner 😉
    Well done on your success at the Craft Show – all the positive feedback (and sales!) must have given you both such a boost.
    It looks like you have been having a lovely Summer but I too have a loved one with serious health issues at the moment so I know it casts a shadow over everything. I’m sure all your love and support are a great help and comfort.

    • It’s true that we have many things to be thankful for and to enjoy, in spite of that subtext of worry. I’m trying to focus on the good, and know you are doing the same.

  13. I’m so sorry about your difficult days. You know that our own recent experiences helps me to walk with you and perhaps understand your feelings. I’m glad you’re able to celebrate small pleasures, and I’m hoping for a positive outcome for the man you both care about.

    • Yes, you, of all people, Margaret, know how this kind of worry creeps into every moment of one’s life! But you kept the faith and things turned out well–I’ll remind myself of that!

  14. Lovely pictures. So sorry about the dark times. Oh, they come, especially as we and the ones we love get older. Very, very hard!

  15. Too quick to hit “post comment”. I am sad to hear about your friend’s illness, Kerry. We know that as we get older, we – and our loved ones – are more likely to have tough health issues, but when it happens, it’s no less difficult to bear.

  16. Such lovely pictures, as always. Is that a kingfisher? I’d love to see one… and those silly kitties.
    Wow – I’m impressed that you two have been weaving enough for a show! Glad to hear there were sales. I still haven’t gotten my loom warped…and I won’t be doing anything too interesting when I do.
    So sorry about your friend. And your helplessness. Take care

    • Yes, it’s a kingfisher–there are two that love that one funny branch near the lake–I love them!
      We spend a lot of time weaving–it’s that flush of a newish hobby. The craft show was very motivating, too!
      Thanks for your warm thoughts . . .

  17. Kerry, you have been on my mind lately. Some lovely photos of the goodness of summer. When those we love struggle, we hurt right along with them, we truly do carry one another’s burdens in that respect. I am glad you have stored up some happy moments this summer, they will be wonderful to reflect upon in the weeks and months ahead. I am so pleased that your first craft show was a success! Hurrah!
    I am spending this week playing for the little ones at string camp. We have it all in the downstairs recitals….panic, stubbornness, happy surprise, serious business, you name it…amazing how kids age 4-7 can illustrate all of life’s stages in 30 short minutes. Thinking of you often, sending you hugs and prayers.

  18. Glad you wrote this post, Kerry. Now, as we all cherish and soak up these quintessential summer days, we can also be sending warm and encouraging thoughts your way. Very happy to hear that the craft show was a hit, that ice cream and adult beverages are cold and plentiful, and that the lake is there to sink into and offer both relief and comfort on those extra steamy days. Balance. Thinking of you and your family, Kerry and wishing you well.

  19. Oh, Kerry, I’m so sorry to hear that one of those close to you is struggling. It does put a dark cloud over even the most lovely summer pleasures. Hang in there and savor what you can, including time with those who need you most.

    • We had actual dark clouds last night–some spectacular weather came through–but then, over in the distance, it was bright again. I’m hoping for some brightness here . . .

  20. Summer, fall, winter or spring there is never a good time to have someone you care about struggling with health issues. Be comforted by the time you had to spend with the, know them, and above all know that for everything under the sun, there is a season. Peace.

    • Such kind words, and important reminders, Clay. I’ll have Pete Seeger’s voice in my head now, singing, “a time for every purpose under heaven” . . .

  21. Oh Kerry, I’m sorry to hear of your friends troubled health. The weight of it sits on your shoulders like a heavy blanket. He’s lucky to have you in his life, and it sounds as though you’ve all been good for each other for quite awhile. I enjoyed the photos of your adorable kitties, those luscious raspberries and your beautifully woven towels. I’m glad you had a successful fair, with sales and positive feedback. Good for you, and clearly well deserved. Thinking of you and sending loving thoughts your way. xo

  22. What wonderful comments from all these lovely people! May you and Don have the strength to cope with whatever you have to deal with. May your friend find peace and if possible, health.
    I loved all your photos and was pleased to read of your successes and pleasures this summer.

  23. offering love and support is sometimes all we can do, it is the meaning of true friendship. And yes, thinking of your pictures of snow and ice you deserve to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

  24. Long time, no “see”, Kerry! Looks like you’ve had a mostly good summer. I’m sorry to hear about your loved one struggling with health issues. Prayers for them even as I write this…

    I had someone email me this morning to see if I sell linens online. I no longer do, so I sent her your way. Hopefully she’ll check out KerryCan!

  25. I noticed your absence and was thinking of you. I looked at your site directly to make sure I wasn’t missing your posts! Even when you’re on vacation you have the cat pix posts scheduled.
    It’s good for you to step away from the posting so you can use your time and energy to live life, enjoy the good, and be with loved ones through the bad.
    Your good things look beautiful and satisfying: connecting with nature, family, kitties, and your own creativity. No one can escape the hard parts of life, so I wish you strength and peace in dealing with the part of your world that is painful. I hope your loved one gets better.
    I like the photo of the bird on the branch. It makes me think of the feeling of being out on a limb, feeling the danger of falling and yet hanging on.

    • What a perfect, comforting comment! I know you’re right about taking time to myself–but I’m finding it difficult! I’ll keep that idea of the bird–a kingfisher–in mind and I’ll keep hanging on!

  26. Dear Kerry, lovely post when it comes to highlights of summer. Your weaving looks great. Lovely to see Mr. Kerry, you must have a huge garden to look after. I’m so sorry to hear about your beloved friend struggling with health issues. That’s worrying and a dark cloud indeed. Sending you lots of love and fairy dust,
    Dina & co

  27. Life is a mixture of joyful, simple pleasures … and challenges, too.
    As I read through your post, I thought how glad I was that you’ve had simple pleasures this summer, especially those 30 beautiful raspberries, to remember when facing the hard times.
    Strength and comfort to you, Kerry

  28. Summer is so short. I could so relate to the “30 raspberries.” My garden often produces just enough berries. . . or peas. . . or whatever to whet my appetite, but not enough to use in a recipe.

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