49 thoughts on “All is Bright . . .

  1. Kerry, that photo is beautiful! Not all is calm right with five boys and one little girl in my living room playing but it’s a great way to end a year.πŸ˜€

  2. And all the best to you in the coming year as well, Kerry. Just started reading the book ‘What Unites Us’ by Dan Rather. A Christmas gift and a timely one. After all the years of covering top stories, often the most political and tragic, it is amazing how committed and hopeful Dan Rather remains with regards to the possibilities and promise of our future.
    I for one would love to feel an increased sense of hope for the future and to know that all voices are heard and united in achieving harmony.

  3. Calmness has never seemed so desirable as after this past crazy year. It makes you think about all the times in history when it must have felt like the most precious thing in the world. So, here’s hoping for a year of calm, thoughtfulness, and fellowship. Happy New Year Kerry.

    • It has been a whirlwind of a generally ugly year, hasn’t it? And, yet, one still approaches a new year with resolve and hope. I hope we achieve calm, at very least, and will strive for your loftier goals of thoughtfulness and fellowship!

  4. My wish for you is much joy in 2018. As you said before, this year has been very ugly, so I hope that in our next one we can find hope and joy. All the beat to you and everyone dear in your life. xox

  5. I love the photo – the calm, the quiet the peace, I can feel it. And the sun peaking out – so magical. Thank you for writing and sharing each week, I look forward to a new year with you. You inspire me.

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