Fun with Ice and Snow. And Wind.

I was having a little lie-down yesterday, on a bitterly cold but sunny afternoon, when the usually-placid cat on the bed started growling.

She was looking intently out the window and I thought, “Racoon.”

Not hardly!

This para-skier swooped and flipped and flew outside our windows for an hour or more, in spite of wind chills well below zero. Later, another guy joined him, so we had a pair-a-skiers. (Sorry.)

57 thoughts on “Fun with Ice and Snow. And Wind.

  1. what fun! That is a kind of skiing I might like to try! I love that the cat growled. Our cats would stare and hunt from window to window, but I don’t think they would growl.

    • I thought the skiing looked like fun until he was airborne all of a sudden! That wouldn’t be for me! The cats really were fascinated–they don’t get much to amuse them during the winter!

  2. That’s too cold for me! We’ll gladly go out when it’s 10-20 degrees and not windy. Walking/hiking or snowshoeing gets the body temp up plenty to withstand that. But not with the wind, so I’d say a wind-dependent sport would not work for me! Fun that you and cat got to see them, though.

    • Oh, I know–I couldn’t believe how long he kept at it! We watched him, then went outside and cleared our driveway for a long time, and when we came in, frozen, he was still out there!

  3. Way too cold for me. Like any sane person I would be inside nice and warm and only watching. It was -7 when I got up this morning. I would guess much colder where you are.

    • Way too cold for me, too! We had to force ourselves outside to clear snow and I didn’t think I’d ever get warm again. We’ve seen the thermometer at -25 . . .

    • One of our cats charged a huge heron and chased him off our seawall once! And they chase dogs that come on the property–they see themselves as very big and scary!

  4. This would of been so fun to watch! Lucky you!! Glad you shared it with the rest of us bloggers,and give Kitty a nice rub for giving you the heads up.

    • Fun with puns–a little goes a long way! I didn’t feel any desire to be out there on the lake with that guy–It’s like watching the acrobats at a circus–fun to be a spectator!

      • Oh, I can see it now. We’re having AC installed this week, and two of our three cats had an adventure in the crawl space under the house. When my kittens were bored in my small apartment many moons ago, I would walk around the place opening cabinets and closets so they could explore. That and tossing a few paper bags on the floor. I hope they get some outside time soon, for your sake as well as theirs.

  5. How fabulous and exciting! A whole performance just for you and the cats!
    I understand about the cold but just think how exhilarating that whole experience would be! And how great the guy would feel afterwards.
    Now I imagine that I would love to try it…..then I remember my age, how I hate the cold and how low temperatures trigger my Asthma. But the comic hero me would love to be out there with him😀

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