The Weaver’s Helper

Do you remember Gigi?


A blog friend asked me about her recently.

She is doing great–she is almost 3 years old and weighs somewhat too much. She loves her food!

She has calmed down, as cats do when they leave kittenhood behind.

And, thank goodness, she isn’t as interested in the weaving looms as she once was.

Unless I am sitting at one, trying to thread heddles.


Every weaver needs a helper . . .


(No, her eyes aren’t blue. That’s the combination of fluorescent lighting and an iPhone camera.)

57 thoughts on “The Weaver’s Helper

  1. How cute is that photo!! And Gigi is not so bad either 🙂 I have to tell you though that in his older years Orlando has taken to lying beside me specifically to hook my yarn while I’m crocheting…… Returning to the simple joys of his youth?

    • And who can deny Orlando his fun, at his advanced age?? One of my older cats, who has kidney disease, has shown a lot of playfulness lately–more than I’ve ever seen from him, since we didn’t have him as a kitten. It makes me *SO* happy that he is having fun! He can knock my bobbins on the floor and play with my thread to his heart’s delight!

  2. A pretty kitty and a very cool cat. I’m sure, if cats had opposable thumbs, they would love to weave, knit and crochet – anything involving thread or yarn in fact 🙂

  3. What a sweetie! My current cats are not very interested in the loom, thank goodness! Our earlier cats used to sit ON the woven part! This especially happened when I was weaving a rya rug. It was a gorgeous thing and cost a mint since I used wool, but what was I thinking? It sat in front of the fireplace and they all sat on it. Cat hair in a rya rug? Even dragging it in the snow didn’t really clean it. And then the fleas arrived… It was a doomed project.

    • You know, a lot of what I weave is determined by the fact that I know the cats would ruin it! They can’t really ruin dishtowels so I make a lot of those. It’s also the reason i make quilts and then put them behind closed doors of an armoire. I guess I like the cats better than the stuff.

    • Oh, if I give Gigi more space I’d need to give all the others equal time . . . and we’d never get around to other topics! She’ll make a cameo appearance occasionally, as do the others. . . .

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  5. She is such a sweet cat and I love the helpful paw too!
    When I was still at home with my parents, we had a cat who couldn’t resist helping Mum with her knitting. We never saw her do it, and she must have been very quick but Mum would find her yarn had been chewed apart and all she had was a soggy and ragged end. The ball of wool had disappeared.

    • I’m forever finding balls and cones of yarn strewn around. I try to keep it put away, since I don’t really want to have the cats’ innards tied up in knots, but they find it anyway!

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