Hand Quilt Along: Pride Goeth . . .

Lust. Gluttony. Greed. Sloth. Wrath. Envy. Pride.

Ah, the seven deadly sins. Which is your favorite? Or maybe I should say, Which is your downfall?

I have indulged in a few of these in my time, but the one what defines me, I’m embarrassed to say, is the one deemed the worst of all . . .




I resemble those remarks . . .

I could give you a hundred examples of my overweening pride but the relevant one is the state of affairs I face with my hand quilting project.

One week into this session, I was so far ahead of my self-imposed stint that I bragged a little to others. I talked about finishing my two bocks, PLUS getting extra blocks done so I’d have them finished as a buffer, in case I got too busy in the upcoming weeks . . .

I gloated to myself.

I took a few days off from quilting. I had plenty of time; after all, I was so far ahead of the game.

And, yes, pride goeth before a fall. And I fell.

Suddenly it was yesterday and I wasn’t done, or anywhere close.

So, I’m confessing my sin and seeking forgiveness—here is my progress for this session.

I do love the quote block I did this time and think it’s perfect for International Women’s Day.


The pieced star block, the one I didn’t finish, is pretty straightforward. As I’ve said I’m doing a lot of “stitching in the ditch,” which means stitching right into the seam line so the quilting itself isn’t really visible but it gives a texture to the quilt and, of course, holds the layers together.

IMG_0960To be complete, I need to stitch many diagonal lines like the one running from top right to bottom left.


And here’s an interesting tool that solves a huge problem of quilting—how does one quilt the straight edges and right-angle corners when using a round hoop?

I don’t have any idea where I got this tool but I would be lost without it!

So, back to my sins . . . I hereby repent my evil ways—I’m renouncing hubris; no more prideful boastings for me.

I think I’ll give gluttony a whirl . . .

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

Kathy, Lori, Margaret, Kerry, Emma, Tracy, Deb, Connie, Deborah,  SusanJessicaSherryNanette, Sassy, Edith, Sharon and Bella.

55 thoughts on “Hand Quilt Along: Pride Goeth . . .

  1. You are forgiven. Anyone with your talent has to be forgiven especially by people who have no idea how you create those beautiful even stitches. Now, just go have a piece of chocolate. 🙂 But, I need more info on your tool – is it square or round or both? I can’t tell. Love the quote, of course, I love the whole quilt.

    • Thanks for your interest, Judy! Sorry I was less than clear about the tool. The overall quilt is in a standing round hoop, who works fine, until I get to the edges. At the edges, I use that straight addition. It’s basically two pieces of woods held together with long screws. When the screws are open, the two pieces of wood fit over the side of the hoop and I can tighten them into place with the screws. Then, along one edge of the top wood strip, there’s a strong piece of twill tape. That gets lined up next to the the edge of the quilt and I pin the layers of quilt to the tape. Then I can adjust the straight wood gizmo to create tension on the straight edge, so it can be quilted. Am I making any sense at all??

  2. nothing to forgive as far as I am concerned – one of the best aspects of being part of a crafting community is being able to talk frankly about one’s projects, good or bad – we all know that things can change in a flash! Keep up the wonderful work 🙂

  3. Ohoh, Kerry, another thought provoking post and teasing us into our own confessions. The 7 deadly sins and I was contemplating them..bringing back memories of smiles, blushes and discomfort. So never mind that, best to safe it for the confession booth.
    But that quilt is stunning, you keep on boosting about that. It so perfect, everything fits so neatly and the lovely embroidery is just too gorgeous. I am lusting after it, green with envy, greedily desire 4 for all my bedrooms, so I can show them of to my friends. Hmmm, I guess i can go to church again…have a lovely Sunday yourself xo Johanna

    • Hi Johanna! It’s always so fun to have you drop by–your enthusiasm and humor always brighten my day! Truth be told, I can fit all 7 deadly sins into one day, and still have time left over for more minor sinning! I hope all is well in your world!

  4. Kerry, you never fail to make me smile! Next, I am continually amazed and inspired by your stitches. Such a great example to study! Your nifty tool looks very clever, wouldn’t it be fun to know the original story of its invention? Now back to gazing at Maya’s quote and your lovely stitches.😄

  5. I agree, your Maya quote is perfect for International Women’s Day. But I have a feeling you’ll be feeling ‘pride’ for quite some time….when this quilt is done I’m thinking it should be the poster quilt for International Women’s Day!

    • I really like Angelou’s idea that we each, basically, represent all women and, by lifting ourselves, we lift others. As I’ve said before, the quilting of each block gives me lots of time to ponder the words and really let them sink in!

  6. Congratulations on your progress. 🙂 The quilting looks beautiful and the quote is perfect for every day, not just special days. I’ve also fallen behind on a special project and this week must get back to it and make much progress! Time flies…

    • Thank you, Melanie, for reminding me to focus on progress rather than lack thereof! You’re right, too that we should hold that set of words in our hearts every day.

  7. 🙂 I can relate to that. I started knitting an afghan two years ago, boasted it about it on the blog and IG, and now it’s still unfinished because the hardest part is assembling the single shawls I knitted. It turned out so difficult that I wish I hadn’t told anyone about it.
    As “punishment” I left it within reach of my eyes to “haunt” me, haha. Hasn’t worked yet, still not done…

  8. I have a shirt that I have been trying to get to for almost a year and one waiting longer than that. So I’m sitting here rather than there, contemplating how I will do certain parts of it. I’m at the slashes in the sleeves that always give me trouble so a second cuppa sounds better than tackling it. I didn’t volunteer to do these so that helps a little but if we don’t shoot for the stars, we will never reach the moon. Life happens and we go with it’s flow. It’s a stunning piece whenever you finish it. Now I have to go tackle sleeves. ;(

  9. Seems to me you have every right to be proud, though you could be guilty of inciting others to envy. It doesn’t sound to me as if you have been slothful, or have any cause for wrath. There, that’s four sorted. What about the other three? Or would that be telling 😉 ?

  10. The Hare and the Tortoise came to mind as I smiled my way through this delightful post, Kerry. The notion of taking a little break, confident of being ahead…. But as others have said, the pride is justified: this is such a beautiful project. Choosing gluttony next seems well-advised; it’s not long until Easter as all that chocolate!

    • It was the winter Olympics that got me in trouble. I quilted as I watched and got so much done! Then they were over and so, it seems, was my stitching. Tsk.

  11. I can’t quite picture you being boastful and filled with hubris like those who make a living from it are – and if you slipped a little behind with your quilt , oh well! Come join the rest of the world – I might mention perhaps a certain largish painting that has spent the last three weeks hiding behind a door out of harms way and which might just stay there until some future excavator moves the door and exclaims “Good God! What on earth was this for?” I love your quilt, the handwriting is exquisite, the quote is a good one and perfect for the day – or any day really – and I’m pretty sure you would rather quilt than take up gluttony, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I just had a week of it and rather wish I hadn’t 😀 Now sloth ………

    • In truth, I’m not worried at all about falling behind but one needs an angle for one’s blog post, doesn’t one??! Ha. You earned weeks of sloth for having shown your guests such a terrific good time! But I bet you’re exhausted and ready for light meals and slowing down!

  12. Oh, Kerry,your post is a delight, I sure don’t know how you can make thoughts and words come together so well! Your confession was most enjoyable,so your so forgiven!😀

    • Thank you for your forgiveness, Deb! And all your kind words. I’m trying to have fun with these posts–since they seem to be coming up way faster than every three weeks!

  13. If I could quilt so beautifully I would be as proud as punch and not care who knew. However, I know what you mean about getting over confident. When I’m working on a project, as soon as I say something like ‘ooh, this is going really well, it’s going to be great’, that is the signal for the gods to look down and put the kibosh on it to punish me.
    Great quote by the way.

    • I am very careful about jinxing myself–so superstitious that I will anger fate! BTW, I’ve been thinking about those etui instructions I bought from you and never used. I don’t need another project but I keep wanting to make one of those . . .

  14. You got more done than I did! I have been so busy… Just got back from Hilton Head and my friend’s quilt store where I did talks about how to make batik and shibori. It was quite fun. Then we went to Charleston to see antique quilts at a museum. They were amazingly beautiful but I am not allowed to blog about them. Whew! Now I have to clean the studio which I tore up looking for samples for my talk. Spring is here too and I need to get outside daily to weed and plant. The peas are up! Have you been getting all the Winter storms?

    • You have good excuses for not getting much done! I am ambivalent about this whole hand quilt along thing–on one hand, I’m getting more done than I would otherwise but, on the other hand, it’s adding stress to my life!

      • Agreed…. And I must say a lot of the ladies in the group are not doing anything and a bunch are not quilting… I’m mulling it over and interested to know that you are as well.

  15. Well, if you really want to give gluttony a shot and like Almond Joy candy bars, I have a wonderful, easy recipe for Almond Joy cookies (4 ingredients!). Yeah, pride bites us all at one time or another!!

  16. If gobbling chocolate counts as gluttony, I’m there. The good thing is that your quilting stitches are so nice and even and none of us would really have known you were behind, if you hadn’t announced it so abjectly. LOL

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