Addendum to It’s A Pity

As I’ve said, I so pity Southerners and those who are struggling through an early spring.

They never get to spend hours of their lives, hours they’ll never have back again, watching icicles melt. And trying to catch the drips . . .

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45 thoughts on “Addendum to It’s A Pity

  1. Or hear the crunch of frozen snow under their feet as they walk in from the driveway. Or know they can leave the groceries in the car while they go to knitting group and the cold foods will stay cold. Poor things!

  2. Isn’t weather great! Here in Edinburgh we are further north than you guys, but the gulf stream means that we don’t get anything like the deep winters you experience. Nevertheless, I agree with you about the benefits of being further north – we regularly remark on how much clearer and crisper the air is here compared with London, about 450 miles south. I pity anyone who lives somewhere with exactly the same weather all year round – such a lack of variation would be so boring! πŸ™‚

  3. think I’ll spend the day watching your icicle drip, more fun than watching each plum blossom drift gently to the ground – of course they have to be swept up – not shoveled.

  4. You crack me up. Your earlier ode made winter sound quite lovely but I’m guessing there is a bit of tongue in cheek there. I am a Northerner and totally pity myself, ha. Still chilly in Minnesota and I’d love some warmer weather. Hot cooca is grand, but I can think of any number of chilled beverages I’d rather be sipping. Ice cream, sunscreen, short sleeves, etc etc – bring them on! Good to see you’re still here, Kerry πŸ™‚

  5. Beautiful photo.

    In Finland, icicles are more and more rare. Reason to the birth of icicles is in general the loss of warm. In Finland, nowadays more people are more and more enlightened by the problem and they have done something about it. We have many articles concerning this. Thank You for this post.

    Have a good day!

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