Hand Quilt Along: And Sew It Goes

Oh, look! It’s been three weeks!


Oh, look! It’s time for a progress report on the Hand Quilt Along!

Screenshot 2018-04-01 06.37.24 (1)

Oh, look. It’s that same old red and white quilt . . .


Old photo–that snow is GONE!!

Oh. Look. That unfinished block from last time is finally done.

And, look, one more block is finished . . . .


That makes 8 done . . . 12 to go.


This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

Kathy, Lori, Margaret, Kerry, Emma, Tracy, Deb, Connie, Deborah,  SusanJessicaSherryNanette, Sassy, Edith, Sharon and Bella.


47 thoughts on “Hand Quilt Along: And Sew It Goes

  1. These blocks are beautiful, and your lovely, precise hand quilting takes it to the next level. You are truly creating a masterpiece to be enjoyed and admired. Pat yourself on the back for almost being half done. 🙂 I cannot express my thanks for the package. I have to finish my granddaughter’s quilt top, and then that is my next project. 🙂

  2. I am so glad to hear the snow is gone. That WordPress scheduling feature is neat…thanks! You’re really making progress. Only 12 to go! You can do it! Happy Easter, Kerry.

    • Thanks, Susan, for all your encouragement! I thought I was half done . . . so I was a bit bummed when I counted. But, on the other hand, I do like the process so I’m not in that big a rush to finish!

  3. We must all do a happy dance with you at 10! Those non quote blocks are so pretty, they really set the quotes off beautifully and keep the eye moving too. More gorgeous stitching to drool over! 😍

    • I should spend some time looking up the names of all these pieced blocks–that’s always part of the fun with these traditional blocks. I know one of them is called “Contrary Wife”–I resemble that remark!

  4. Looks like you still have lots of snow outside your window! And you haev made progress on your quilt as well!
    I have spent the last week or so cleaning for guests who left at o dark thirty this morning. Whew! Loved having them and are so glad they are gone. Gorgeous day here – 75 or so. We’ll go out on the lake for the first boat ride of the year and relax….no cooking…no quilting…

    • You probably couldn’t see the caption–that photo of snow was an old one. We are almost entirely snow-free now, although the bay is still completely ice-covered!

  5. There’s that sweet spot we hit when we suddenly realise we are over half way through a long job and then there’s the ‘groan’ when we realise we are not as far along as supposed……. 🙂 But oh my those beautifully formed little hand stitches are such things of joy. I look at this quilt and I know it will be infused with all those calm, peaceful and contemplative stitches and then I think what a wonderful throw you are creating, this will be a healer!! I’m glad to hear the snow has gone – it seems it happens very quickly ………

    • I am aways very happy when I am sitting and doing the quilting, even though I whine and carry on about it–it really is relaxing. And, yes, the snow has gone really quickly! Our neighbors had three funny and big snow people in their yard and they shrank noticeable every day. Gone entirely now–wish I’d take pictures of their demise.

  6. LOL! No sighing allowed! This is a beautiful quilt, your quilting is beautiful, and it takes as long as it takes. You are 2/3 finished, and that’s a celebration!

  7. Every time I see this, I think it’s a marvel, Kerry. I was going to say you were almost halfway through, but obviously other folks thought of it, too. You can’t rush art, can you?

    • Thanks, Lisa–and the fact is, I’m not really trying to rush all that much. I like the process a lot. Finding something new to say in these HQAL posts is hard, though . . .

    • It’s funny–the quilt looks more “finished” that it is, I guess because the center is done so a lot of the work is concentrated there. It’s all but two of the blocks around the outside that still need to be done . . . Many drops will turn the mill . . .

  8. Considering you started with 20 blocks to do, you are almost at the crest of the hill and then it will be the downhill slide!! It is looking so beautiful!

    • I think the “rest of this year” might be a reasonable timeline! We’re glad to have the snow gone, too. Now we’re waiting for the ice in the bay to break up . . .

  9. So lovely. And such precision. Perhaps at this point it’s easier for us onlookers to sit back and sigh – while we admire your skill and perseverance. You’re maybe sighing for other reasons but honestly – it’s a work of art and it’s going to be stunning. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Sandra–I do love the quilt and I really enjoy the process I’m engaged in. It was just a comeuppance to count the finished blocks . . . sigh. 😉

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