Post Script to Ice Out

I chortled and cheered yesterday about the ice leaving our bay on Lake Champlain.

I marveled at the movement of the water.

And my, how that water moved, driven by high winds, throwing wave upon wave to our seawall.

We had ice out . . . but also lots of ice ON!

All our red flower pots, the small fire pit, the limbs I’ve been clearing from the lawn, and every blade of grass on the lawn . . . all glowing, encased in ice.

Welcome to spring in the North Country of upstate New York . . . .

56 thoughts on “Post Script to Ice Out

  1. It got really cold overnight. At least the ice is just on the shoreline.They’re predicting snow starting here in a few hours today but then it’s supposed to turn to rain. Ha, I’ve heard that before.

      • For a few hours an inch or so remainded on the grass and then it melted. And talking about ticks…they’re out there and have already found me.

          • Twice so far this year. I tuck my pants into my socks, wear long sleeves and a hat and those little buggers still succeed in biting me. I’ve been bitten many, many times over the years.

          • I have Lyme disease (arthritis and headache). Fortunately I found a book by Stephen Buhner who has an herbal protocol including Japanese Knotweed and Cat’s Claw that helps tremendously.

  2. Same as the Kennebec river, with its ice chunks along the edges. Those red pots look stunning with their covering of ice.

    • The pots fascinated me. The surface of the pots is smooth bu,t with the way the waves were hitting them, the ice built up in this spiraling fluted way–I wish I could’ve gotten a really good photo of it!

  3. The ice sculptures are lovely, but they would be better if they were dripping…😊 That was an amazing capture on your part, do you go out daily, or just happened to see this? It really is spectacular!

    • We see it all the time–it’s our front lawn. Some of the photos were taken from inside the house but I did go out to take closer pix of the ice. Never a dull moment!

    • It’s too cold for me, too. I wish I could keep the ice on the red pots, though–the way the waves were hitting, the ice created this spiraling fluted surface–exquisite!

    • They are exactly the shape of Pooh’s honey pots! Don got them on deep sale at the end of summer one year so we have 10-11 of them lined up at intervals. They will, eventually, be home to red geraniums . . . maybe, if the ice ever melts.

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous. Although the colder months are something I really dislike, nature does look good then! I think in my time as a skater (complete with scrunchies to match my outfit), I’ve had more than enough cold and ice for the rest of my life! I used to really like the cold air in the rink, and didn’t like the summer, because the rink was closed for 2 months. Now I can not wait for spring to arrive. We’ve had a really enjoyable weekend, with lots of sun.

  5. It sure has been a bit of a real winter for a lot of places! It’s fun to see all the β€œice sculptures” around your home. Maybe Spring is just around the corner? 😁

  6. I have no envy of your weather right now. I like cold, not that cold. I do remember the last 2 summers when the triple digits held us in a death grip for weeks on end and I prayed for cold and rain. Doesn’t the weather understand we need moderate at all times. πŸ™‚

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