59 thoughts on “A Loom With A View

    • I like your interpretation better than “being a lazy slacker”! It is too easy, though, to take that view for granted and it’s good to remind myself how lucky we are.

    • It’s always interesting because it’s always changing. even when it isn’t especially attractive, like today in snow and sleet, it draws my attention.

    • I hate to admit, I get to the point where I take it for granted and sort of forget how lucky we are. Seeing through others’ eyes reminds me to appreciate it more!

  1. Okay, nice view indeed, but as a fellow weaver, I am even more impressed by the multi-color stripes! I know that any time you switch colors when winding warp, you add a couple of extra minutes of warp time, and then you have the little knots to deal with when you dress the loom. And I also love how you moved the colors around — that’s a touch that says “dedicated handweaver”, not “predictable mass-production company”!

    • I love to have some weavers reading! I think I’m going to do a longer post today about that warp but what I was doing was trying to use up leftover thread on bobbins. So the order of the colors is much less planned and intentional than you give me credit for! But I do like the way the towels are turning out.

  2. Wow – what a machine! (though I suppose you’re the machine that makes it do things) What are you making with it? Pretty colors. Your view is pretty, too, yes, but I’m stuck on your project 😀

    • I’m kind of stuck on the project, too, and I think I’ll write a longer post about it soon (today?) It’s going to be 4-5 kitchen towels, in a mix of cotton and linen.

    • I have never consciously looked at the view for inspiration but I’m sure you’re right that living in a pretty natural setting can’t help but influence a person.

    • I love Hockney! The colors in the weave are from random bobbins that I wanted to free up–but I think I must subconsciously choose colors based on my setting. All my random bobbins have those soft, grayed colors found in nature. And it *was* nice to see the sun but she’s gone again.

  3. Loom and lake=recipe for happiness. But, oh this weather! We also are in the deep freeze today with glowering gray skies and spitting sleet. Fortunately, I’m just finishing warping my loom so the delight of a starting a new project provides distraction from the gloom. Please do a post on your stripey towels, I’d love to hear more about them.

    • So, how’s the weaving going?? I hope you’re having fun–but the weather is getting better soon, and we’ll all be outdoors, enjoying spring and getting caught up with chores!

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