Hand Quilt Along: Here Comes the Sun

I could’ve spent yesterday inside, working diligently on quilting this block and finishing it.


But the sun was shining, finally, and the temperature was warm, finally, and it was simply a glorious day, so I did what any sane person would’ve done. Yes, I did what you would’ve done, and you, and you, and you.

I spent the day outside! I did some cleaning up of the yard, I watched the cats frolic and then snooze in the sun, and I enjoyed what might be the latest-blooming crocuses in all of North America.


I’ll have plenty of time to get caught up on my quilting on days less-perfect than yesterday.

Since my last post, I did finish another quotation block, another pithy statement from Susan B. Anthony. She is the only woman to get featured twice in this quilt and that’s as it should be.


Anthony’s work as a social reformer, in the areas of women’s rights and the abolition of slavery is well known to Americans. She worked tirelessly, throughout her long life, for the rights of the disenfranchised and is probably best known for her work towards women’s suffrage—the right to vote.

A side note on my quilting—for the first time ever, I believe, I bled on a quilt! My first impulse was to, quick, try and remove the tiny spot. And then I thought about it and about the struggles, all the world around, for women’s rights . . . and I left the bloodstain right where it was.


This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

Kathy, Lori, Margaret, Kerry, Emma, Tracy, Deb, Connie, Susan,  Nanette, Sassy , Edith, Sharon and Bella.



65 thoughts on “Hand Quilt Along: Here Comes the Sun

    • Too true–there will be plenty of rainy days, on which we can quilt! But I will also haul my quilting hoop outside one of these sunny days and work out there, too!

  1. It is TOTALLY fitting that you left a dot of your blood on the quilt. It is now truly part of your DNA! Or your DNA is a part of it. We finally have sun here, too, and warmth. I see a long walk along a river unfolding in the plan for today.

    • I thought leaving the drop of blood might be seen as tacky or icky by others but the response from many of you has reassured me! Don’t a few days of fine weather change everything??

  2. If we had an April theme it most likely could be the glory of Spring and getting out in it- your quilt is beyond amazing, it is a statement of the hard work to get where we are – fitting for the blood stain.

    • April can be the cruelest month and the most exhilarating, when it finally turns to spring! A friend said that now that the blood is on the quilt, all I need to add is sweat and tears . . . .

  3. The bloodstain is so appropriate.

    I, too, spent yesterday working in the yard. Today is another glorious day and I’m heading back out now.

    Enjoy the day, Kerry!

  4. I would have spent the day outside too! BTW…hydrogen peroxide or your own saliva will easily remove the stain if you change your mind. I love your quilt! But then I love everything you create! Happy Spring!

  5. Of course you went outside!!! After the winter/spring we have had no one would expect any thing else.

    We just spent the day yesterday in Seneca Falls, I saw a book of women’s quotes that made me think if you. 😉

    Love the quilt and the blood is very authentic. Glad you left it.

      • Thank you!

        When you finish that quilt, reward yourself with a trip. It was not a place that had a million things to do – There were more museum type things we could have visited, and there is a casino down the road, but we really left feeling like we were OK with what we saw and don’t need to race back to spend more time there. Maybe if it were “the season” we would find more things to do. There are loads of wineries, but as we don’t drink, that wasn’t too interesting. But you are so much closer, could you do a day trip? I suspect you would just be wowed by that Hall of Fame. I sat reading all the placards and just being in awe of what these ladies did. (most of them. There were one or two that had me going “really?”) It’s a very powerful town for a thinking person.

  6. Hurrah for sunshine! We all lost a little blood when we do something worthwhile and this definitely fits that category! I don’t know but our crocuses may be yours as the latest blooming, I have seen zero yet, not even little spikes, but they may have just given up for this year too!

    • Another downside of living in the frigid north is that no one wants to see our crocuses and daffodils because the blogosphere has been flooded with earlier-blooming ones already! Mine are still special to me, though . . . 😉

  7. Honestly, I was surprised that this is the first time you have ever bled while quilting! I’m fairly confident I would have left large splatters all over the fabric 😀 I love the Susan B Anthony quote.

    • No, you wouldn’t! The worst that can happen is a little prick with a needle–it hurts more than it bleeds, of course. I love that quote, too–Susan must’ve been a pip.

    • I love the statues of those two particular heroes having tea. We took a group of college freshmen there my last semester teaching-it was awesome. And the grave marker, covered with “I voted” stickers, seems a gesture that would make Susan B. very proud.

  8. WHAT! 😲You put down the quilt ,to go out..Then leave blood on it !😳 are you sure your sane? 😂😂 well….. I love it! Those crocuses are pretty,good to be reminded how lovely they are. What I’m really waiting for are those peonies.. I think you know that though.

    • I did put the quilt down and haven’t looked at it since! Although, once I get some outside chores done, I’ll take the whole hoop out there and work. And I *love* that you’re giving me an excuse to post pictures of peonies–I love them so. It’ll be a while yet . . .

  9. Fingers crossed spring’s arrival sticks. Yes, sunny days are good for yard work. Where does all that stuff come from? The ground has been covered in snow, so how’d it get there? Love, love your Susan B. quote. The tiny spot adds character.

    • A lot of the stuff we’re dealing with is road sand–not sure how it gets from the road onto our lawn but it does! And the cats roll in the sand piles, embed it in their fur, and then come in and leave it all around the house. A messy time of year . . . Yes, I love that quote, too–she knew how to speak her mind.

  10. Good for you for getting out–and leaving blood. I love your photos, especially that one with the young woman greeting Anthony. And there’s that vote tag covered grave stone! Yup, get out there, folks!

    • We took a group of college freshmen to Susan B’s house in Rochester, and that statue, the last semester I taught. It was all amazing–the kids were so into it. And, yes, wouldn’t you love to go add your “I voted” tag to that gravestone??

  11. Yes, I might have gone outside – but in the car. The little bitey bugs thing I’m the tastiest thing ever and then I scratch and scratch until I have scabs over my feet and ankles! I absolutely love the picture of Susan B. Anthony’s gravestone with all the I voted stickers! What a great idea that was. I save mine and stick them on the bathroom mirror. Ours are shaped like the state of Tennessee. Your quilt is beautiful, and you did make some progress, plus you have symbolic blood on it!

    • No bitey bugs here . . . yet. But they’ll come! I think it’s so neat that people made the pilgrimage to Susan B’s tomb, to place those stickers. I guess it happens every year, as it should!

  12. Good for you! Who knows how often we’ll see the sun in this new bizarre climate when nothing is as we expect. And you’ll still have plenty of time for quilting I’m sure. Our three day summer has pushed off now. Perhaps yours has too?

    • Our early summer is still hanging on through today, then we’ll go back to rain and much cooler temps. I do think we are past snow season, though, finally!

  13. Lovely post Kerry and yes always leave something in craftwork…so everyone can see you put heart and soul in it! The photos and stories are wonderful as ever: enjoy more sunshine!!! Xo Johanna

  14. Doesn’t the sun feel especially glorious now that it’s finally here? It’s the time of year for weather-oriented activities. Outside when it’s fine, inside when it’s otherwise. I’m saving the weaving for evenings and rainy days! Enjoy the crocuses and all of the flowers to follow.

    • I’ve been so busy the last couple of weeks, I’ve had little time for much weaving–and I get grumpy when that happens! But it is *wonderful* to be outside!

  15. Good for you, still making progress! It’s raining today and I could hand quilt, but I will be machine quilting and working on some hand pieced samples for workshops I hope to teach this Summer and maybe having some “tidy time” in the studio. Oh and I should weave if I want to start work on the Summer shawls anytime soon!
    Glad to hear you are getting Spring. Did you go to Florida this Winter? It certainly would have been a welcome change for you!
    {If you do want to get the blood out, you can suck on it! Evidently your own saliva is a stain remover!}

    • We did not get to Florida this year–we always went to visit my mom and, now that she’s living here, we didn’t have the impetus. I’ve read about saliva removing blood but ever tried it!

  16. Kerry, there is just so much to love about this post! The crocuses, the sun, and your time out in it, and of course, the focus on Susan B Anthony. Thank you for that, and I’m so glad that you left the blood right where it dropped.
    Love this post!

  17. I’m glad you got out and enjoyed the beautiful spring day! The quilt will wait for your stitches. Your photos of Susan B. Anthony’s grave led me to look up the cemetery and read about the crowds who visited on Election Day.

  18. Very appropriate to leave the bit of blood. Fascinating to see how Susan B. Anthony’s tombstone has been adorned.

  19. And of course, during the time that Snow White’s mother was carrying her in her womb, she accidentally pricked her finger and a drop of blood fell on her pure white needlework, inspiring her to predict that her child would have skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood.

  20. I was pleased to see your crocuses! Ours didn’t last as long as usual; they were mainly beaten down by snow and rain and those that weren’t were eaten, so your shiny golden crocuses were very welcome. I am glad you ventured out into the sunshine with your cats and that you left your mark on your quilt.

    • I was a bit surprised by our crocuses–I don’t remember having many and, while I know they spread, they are showing up in odd places–squirrels re-planting them, I think!

  21. Definitely need to make hay while the sun shines – over here it’s as rare as hen’s teeth at the moment! I’ve not heard of Susan B Anthony, but she sounds like someone I should have heard of – and I like the quote. No human being should ever control another one – end of. Whilst I think it’s ridiculous to believe that everyone’s the same, it’s equally wrong that anyone should be treated differently or not be protected under the law and I can’t believe some of the stuff that has been coming out about abuse etc lately. Almost as bad are the people that cover it up, quite frankly.

    • Yes, with all the news lately about sexual assault and abuse, my quilt seems even more relevant than it did when i started it! And I want to let you know, I just tried, again, to comment on your recent post and still cannot. I don’t know what the issue is but I want you to know I’m trying!

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