Grousing in the Garden

I didn’t want to write this post. Really, I didn’t. 

I’ve resisted as long as I could and they’ve just worn me down with their whining and nagging and moaning.

My flowers are furious; They look pretty and dainty and harmless . . . don’t be fooled. They are relentless. 

They demand equal time! They point out that everybody else’s flowers have been featured on the internet, that they are every bit as attractive, and, dammit, they want their moment in the spotlight. 

The irises are irate.


The viburnum are threatening violence.


The lilies of the valley lament and lament and lament. All those tiny little voices, lamenting. Oy.


The hostas are downright hostile.


Catnip is caterwauling, under its protective armor to keep the cats from nipping it down to nothingness.


Peonies are pouting, again. They’re not at their best yet but they remember a successful protest from years ago, and they are emboldened.


So, my apologies for a post full of familiar flowers. I don’t even know all their names and it occurs to me that some may be weeds. I simply don’t care anymore. I just want them to stop their belly aching!

 And please, whatever you do, don’t tell them they’re pretty! 

60 thoughts on “Grousing in the Garden

  1. Haha! I was thinking the same thing walking round my garden yesterday – the noise was deafening but it hasn’t stopped raining for long enough to take any decent photos yet. I can’t see any weeds in your photos but you will certainly be able to spot some in mine if and when I get round to taking some although I just call them wildflowers, it sounds better.

  2. They are more than pretty,their gorgeous! I have a feeling they were tired of winter themselves,so glad they got their moment in the sun!😁 that peony bud ….😍😍

    • Yes, they are very glad to have their moment (and I think they’re pretty, too, but don’t tell them I said so). The peonies are right on the verge of taking off–big beautiful peony marbles, ready to bloom!

  3. I can see why they insisted on being showcased – they’re really pretty and colourful! Love your description of their whining etc – I made up the corresponding noises in my head 😀

  4. lol they are very pretty, and it was kind of you to share them with us! I have a whole lot of things getting ready to be beautiful – found a bud on my new oriental poppies this morning! The mountain laurel also is showing buds, as is the lilac. A few days of sunshine after all the rain should yield some beauties here in the cool north. 🙂

      • We normally get our lilacs over memorial day. They were a wee bit late this year, but I have one that is a later blooming one, and that is the one that is scenting up the whole yard and house now. It is heavenly!

        I also love mountain laurel, and wish this one was happier. It blooms, but it is very slow growing. We are on the northern edge of it’s happiness zone, so last winter being long nd cold was not good for it. I will love it this summer and hope it recovers.

  5. It’s amazing how after that wicked cold winter we had it seems like everything is blooming and growing with a vengeance. I love your viburnum! I have a Korean Spice viburnum that has the most delightful fragrance. Lovely photos, Kerry.

    • I wish I could remember the names of my viburnum. I have three and I think they’re all different. One has fallen victim to viburnum beetle or something, though–really, taken a hard hit.

  6. You make me laugh all the way through here. So true, a weed is just a flower with a PR problem. 😉 I left one large weed because there were dozens of honeybees feeding on it. They get hungry this time of year. Your flowers have a right to grumble. They should be showcased with the best of them. Thanks for my morning giggle.

    • Happy to make you smile, Marlene! And, yes, I read somewhere that we should leave dandelions alone because they are important to bees at a time of year when there isn’t much else blooming! You did right by sparing that weed.

  7. Ha! I love this post! And I for one can never have too many photos of beautiful blooms to drool over. If only my own patch looked a patch on yours! 😁

  8. No wonder they have an attitude problem – lookit all the attention they get when you get around to posting about them! Even flowers need their fifteen minutes it seems! Tell them thanks for insisting – us folk down here especially need to see all the beautiful proliferation from the northern gardens at this time of the year. Ah, and PS, calling a wildflowers weeds is like calling Trump post-modern. Completely off-piste!

  9. Bloomin’ gorgeous (I didn’t say pretty!). Is that last image a poppy? So not-pretty. But envious I am nonetheless of your post-pretty post.

    • I actually don’t know what that last one is–it’s not a poppy, though. I kill poppies. I wish I knew what it was because I like it a lot–the flower blooms are small and cup-like and grow on long stems above a lower full plant. Even my flower identification app was stumped.

      • I kill poppies, too. I’ve tried growing them in every patch in the garden and they simply refuse to thrive. A flower ID app? What a crazy world!

    • Oh, no! We have deer around but they never seem to get to our house. I think there’s other sufficient food out here in the country and they don’t need my flowers. I’m sorry . . .

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