Clouds: Ragtag Tuesday Daily Prompt

Like Margaret, who provides CLOUDS as this week’s Ragtag Tuesday prompt, I prefer fluffy, white clouds scudding through the sky, perhaps calling to mind a bunny or a kitty, or reflecting in placid waters.

FullSizeRender 19

But I was sure that most of the cloud photos in my own files would be of dark, forbidding, foreboding clouds, full of drama and threat. Maybe it’s a reflection of my mood, in the face of news of my country and our world?


When I actually went looking I was surprised and pleased to find that, in reality, most of my cloud photos are dramatic, yes, but with the drama of sun dispelling darkness, of light peeping through, of hope.

Let’s be hopeful . . .

49 thoughts on “Clouds: Ragtag Tuesday Daily Prompt

  1. We live very close to a town here in Maine called Hope. A few years back they produced bumper stickers that say ‘Hope Is Hip’. If you live in hope you more than likely have this sticker on your car, but let’s apply it to your fine words and photographs. Hope is Hip! Nice work, Kerry!

  2. These photos are beautiful.
    When I listened to what Mr. Trump said in Finland the first verse of
    Walter Scott’s poem Breathes There The Man, came to mind.
    Is it any wonder that people around the world need hope?
    I can tell you in my country, Ireland, we need to have Faith and Hope.
    Thank you for the photos.

    • Oh, my–I went and read the poem–thank you for that prompt! I guess we all need faith and hope. BTW, I’ve been to your beautiful country several times and love it there.

  3. Yes Kerry, we have to keep on going bringing good in the world, there has to be counter balance. Not only do you have hope, you give hope too! We need Kerry in our lives!!!!And what a glorious part f the world you live! Xoxox Johanna

  4. It was via a link on Clare’s blog that I read these words from Ted Hughes’ ‘ Swifts’
    ……..With a bowing
    Power-thrust to left, then to right, then a flicker they
    Tilt into a slide, a tremble for balance,
    Then a lashing down disappearance

    Behind elms.
    They’ve made it again,
    Which means the globe’s still working, the Creation’s
    Still waking refreshed, our summer’s
    Still all to come”

    Your photos also echo these words ” the globe’s still working” which means there’s hope, even though some days have felt very dark and ominous.

  5. Light shining in darkness, yes. That is what we all look for these days. The darkness is real. But so is the light. Ultimately, I have to believe, the light has more power.

  6. Our dinning room looks out to the southeast. Some years ago, I cut a notch in the treeline at the point where the sunsets about the summer solstice. It is a great viewing spot for the weather approaching us from the west. So many different cloud formations appear in that spot (you can see several on my Instagram photos). -Oscar

  7. I love sunrise and sunset pictures! When we traveled full-time, I took many of those photos because I just loved them. Tennessee doesn’t get dramatic ones most of the time – though seeing the sun rise through the mist of the Smokies is quite nice.

    I discovered that the same old America is still out there on the byways of the country, but it isn’t news. Good news isn’t considered news worthy or of interest. It’s one reason I stopped listening to the news and eventually cut off all my TV service. I’m making judgments on my own, and not letting talking heads tell me any more what’s going on. What I see is much more positive than what they see!

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