Re-Entry . . .



I’m Kerry. Remember me?


It’s been awhile . . .

I’ve been wanting to get back here, to say hello, to say everything is fine.

But what a busy summer it’s been!

Nothing hugely dramatic. Just so busy.


Doctor appointments, for my mother, my husband, me. Some regularly scheduled, some emergency.

Veterinarian appointments, for our many cats. Some regularly scheduled, some emergency.

We cleaned out my mother’s house. We took care of her possessions, the ones she didn’t take with her to the assisted living facility, and maintained her yard. We sold the house.

We had two enormous garage sales. We sold stuff on Craigslist. My fantasy is to be able to park a car in the garage come winter, for the first time ever.

We had visitors come to stay. We made a trip to Boston.

We participated in a craft show.

And we did our own yard and house chores and summer projects. Don built a fire pit the new pictures windows will be installed in two rooms soon.

I spend at least two or three days a week with my mom.

All summer long, in the early mornings, I have had time to either weave or write a blog post. I’ve chosen the former.

In the evenings, I have had time to either write a blog post or sit by the lake and have a quiet drink with Don. I’ve chosen the latter.

For the last couple weeks, things have been a little less hectic, a tiny bit less scheduled.

I’ve thought several times about writing here.

But like all good, healthy habits, once one stops, it’s very difficult to start again.

And that’s all this post is. A chance to start again. To say hi. And to commit to being back soon.



83 thoughts on “Re-Entry . . .

  1. Good to have you back! But like all good friendships, we understand when life makes it too busy to keep in close touch. And spending time with your Mum is most important.

    • Thank, Melanie–I think things should quiet down, some, soon. We have the closing on my mom’s house in a couple weeks–then those new people can take care of their own house and lawn and garden!

  2. Now, that’s a busy summer. Hope Mom is liking her new surroundings and doing well. And, If I had a choice of your lake view or sitting inside in front of a computer, I’m afraid that lake view would win out every single time. Take care, relax, and come back when you feel like it. We’ll be here looking forward to hearing and seeing how you are doing. 🙂

  3. Hello, dear Friend!!!!! Awesome to see your post pop up in my “Reader”!!! HUGS!!! Totally get the “busy thing”……I’m hearing so many say the same thing (the only difference is they don’t have blogs!!!!). I’ve been somewhat MIA as far as posting but the stitching has proceeded, albeit at a far slower pace than ever before. You have chosen the “better things” in your list above. Treasure those personal moments…….we’ll wait……..XXOO

  4. Whew! You have been busy! Glad you made the right decisions…weaving and having a drink by the lake with Don. I’ve been thinking of you and happy to hear all is okay.

    • Thanks, Susan, for thinking of me! I knew this summer would be crazy but I still was a little surprised by it. I hope you’ve been winning your annual battle with the bittersweet!

  5. I can totally understand! At least the tech world doesn’t control you from doing the right things.👏🙂 so glad to hear y’all are doing okay though.

    • Thanks, Deb–we’re doing fine. I admit to doing some pouting when I can’t spend my day exactly as I wish but then I tell myself I’m not alone in that! It’s part of being a grownup!

  6. Both alternatives to blogging sound like excellent excuses to me. Enjoy spending time with your Mum as it must be a little strange for her to be living in a new place and I’m sure your visits make things so much easier for her.
    Thank you for letting us know why we haven’t seen much of your lovely work lately and I look forward to your full ‘re-entry’ whenever you’re ready.

    • You’re right–it has been a strange transition for my mother and I think our outings keep her going. And they’re fun for me, too, of course, even if going out to lunch 2-3 times a week is making my clothing too tight!

    • I’ve noticed your absence, too! And figured you were busy out there, doing things with family, looking out for the critters, living your Texas life. Have you been making anything? I guess I’ll have to wait until you get back to blogging to find out!

  7. Good to hear from you! I know you have been busy, but WOW! You got a lot done. Glad you have had your weaving and lakeside quiet times. How did you do at that craft fair? How is mom settling in?

    • I know you understand about being busy, since you always are! We did fine at the craft fair–sold quite a bit, had a lot of nice interactions. It’s a small show and it would be hell-ish if the weather didn’t cooperate but it did! My mom has settled in pretty well–she likes the place but wishes she had something meaningful to do to pass her time . . . sadly, she isn’t capable of doing a lot of her old hobbies anymore . . .

      • I do understand busy! And I haven’t posted a lot, either, lately. A good craft fair is very nice, small or large. I opted out of the one I did last year. I am not in a mood to knit hats, it seems.

        I can understand your mom feeling that way. Can’t imagine what I would do with myself if I couldn’t knit!

  8. Dear Kerry, good to hear from you! I was about to drop you a note but I am happy to learn all is well in Kerry-land (but busy). Such a lovely daughter you are , and wife and cat-mom. And dont I know it how life can sort of run away with you and I am happy you choose to safe the little spare time you had for weaving and quiet time. You are worth waiting for, so…see you next time! Take Care, xoxoxo Johanna

    • Hi, sweet Johanna! Thanks for thinking of me, and caring! You do, indeed, know how life can take over–such unexpected things can happen. I feel like I’ve made the right choices of how to spend my time this summer but I did miss my blog pals, and I’m glad to be back!

  9. Sympathy and empathy – I have two bedrooms upstairs still barely usable due to the STUFF I took from my mom’s house that won’t fit into our crammed attic, my sibs and their kids are not interested in, and I can’t bear to dispose of – yet. Step by step I will clear it out. Best of luck with your garage!

    • It sounds like you really do understand! You must be as sentimental as I am–it’s hard to part with that old stuff! I will tell you, though, that when I’ve managed to let some of it go, I have felt liberated and not regretted it at all . . .

  10. Good to hear from you Kerry. You sound incredibly busy but getting it all done and finding a little peace in the mornings and evenings. Good to hear you are spending time with your mom, so important! Glad all is good, hang in there and jump in whenever you are up to blogging, we’ll be here cheering you on!

    • Mornings and evenings seem to be the times I feel I can do what I want, without guilt–that may explain why I get up at 4 every day! I’m so glad that you’re still here, reading, even though you seem not to be blogging anymore. I do miss your posts (no pressure!) and the drawings and your collections of found objects and the dogs . . .

  11. Welcome back Kerry, you have had a busy summer and I think you’ve made the right choices about choosing to relax. I hope your challenges are over and have worked out for the best and look forward to seeing more of you.

  12. So lovely to see this from you this morning Kerry. I have missed you, but it’s just so excellent to know you have your priorities right. I look forward to seeing your weaving outcomes, fire pit and maybe even a view from a new window a bit later when you have the time and the interest in photographing and posting. No hurry! xo

    • I’ll try to fit all that stuff into some future posts, Pauline! Maybe the hardest aspect of this summer has been unexpected pet issues. I have aging cats, with the problems that come with age, but there’s a new young cat across the road that keeps beating up on my furballs! The emergency trips to the vet, post-cat fights, have not contributed to my mental well-being!

      • That is stressful! Territorial cats can be a real problem. I had one once many years ago who tried to move in and drive off my gentle aged Moofy – she was traumatised and I ended up having to trap him and send him off to a rescue. I hope your kitties can hold their ground against this newbie on the block.

  13. You’re so right: once we stop, it’s hard to start again. I’ve missed you and your posts. I’m so glad you’ve jumped in with this one. I’m sorry to hear about the emergency visits for family members, including kitties. The stress alone takes it out of you.

    I’m happy to hear, though, of time weaving and sitting by the lake. Best of luck getting your garage sorted so you can get your car inside. It’s so worth it!

    • I was just telling Pauline that there’s a new cat in the neighborhood that has been beating the snot out of my cats! He’s much smaller than my cats and seems to like people very much but so aggressive to other male cats! That has been quite an added level of unexpected stress, with fur flying and abscess wounds to treat!

      But the lake sitting and weaving have seen me through!

      • Kerry, I’m sorry to hear about the new cat conflict. I remember the days of cat fights and abscess wounds. That part of roaming cats I don’t miss. They’re so territorial, that it’s often every cat for themselves. I often wonder how these huge cat communities get along.

        Lake sitting sounds spectacular and soothing. Today I saw your gorgeous views. Fantastic!

  14. I join all the other commenters in saying how lovely it is to get a peek of you and to read your post. Enjoy the last days of summer. You have been incredibly busy, so make the most of any relaxation you can get. Talk soon. 🙂

  15. What a crazy whirlwind. But you accomplished so much. Good to see you back and hear that your mother has settled in. We just went through selling our Mom’s house and going through her things this spring. It’s such a drain on time and emotion. But, as you said in the comments above, once done, it’s quite liberating.

    You definitely have your priorities straight–weaving and that evening drink with Don should win out over blogging every time. Perhaps as fall settles in, you will be able to find some blogging time again. Or not. Not that I can talk, I do think about blogging, and once this summer sat down to start a post, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

    You’ll be happy to know that I finally made it off the wait list and into a Basics class at Vavstuga in mid-September. I’ll have to get my brain all emptied out beforehand to make room for all I expect to learn. Such a treat.

    • As much as I complain about being busy, I know how you operate and I bet you’ve run circles around me, with all your projects!

      I am SO excited for you, going to Vavstuga! You’ll learn a lot and have fun and be exhausted when you leave. And I really, really hope you do a blog post afterwards, showing us your creations!

  16. Peter and I are parent-less, but I do remember those days. One year we helped move his parents into a retirement village AND my mother into a smaller house. Drove to Philadelphia from Boston 2x a month for months! And we were pretty young then…
    Glad that you have some time to write. As you may have noticed, I am only blogging when I really have something to share. ;-D

    • I’ve been reminding myself that most people my age have had to do exactly what I’m doing, if they haven’t already! It’s nice to know people can relate and are sympathetic.

  17. Hi Kerry! Good to see a post. What a summer you have had. It seems to me you always made the healthy choice in the mornings and evenings. Sometimes you have to take care of yourself and others and take time to renew. What I want to know is what your cartoon app is. Boomdeeadda gave me one, but it didn’t work on Mac’s and when I looked for other apps, I never found a good one I could use. In any event, I hope the next few months find you posting bout your weaving and your mother doing well in her new place.

    • Hi Lisa! The cartoon app is one I have on my phone–it’s called Bitmoji. There doesn’t seem to be a counterpart for my Mac so I sent the cartoons to myself through text message, went on my messaging app on my laptop, and downloaded the cartoons so I could then include them in the post. Many steps! But Bitmoji is fun–you design the avatar so it looks like you . . . but the hair isn’t right on mine. Not enough options for short hair!

  18. Wow. That is a huge amount of accomplishments for one summer! I hope that your life will settle into new rhythms that leave you time to weave and blog and be with your mom and admire your lake view with your husband and take care of your (and your cats’) health and much much more. Great to read this synopsis of the past few months…

  19. I’m glad to hear that your summer was just busy, mostly in a good way. Cleaning out houses is such an ordeal for everyone, so having that finished is a great way to start the fall! Family time still trumps everything else!

  20. Wish I could write a clever note to say I identify, empathize, support you from afar, encourage you to give yourself all the slack you possibly can, and ask you just to keep on writing when you can because I enjoy your thoughts so very much. In my life I thought this stage would never end, but by some gift of grace I have arrived at sewing and refinishing old furniture without having to “run away from home.” You will, too. It’s a journey.

    • Thank you, Sandra-Kay, for this very supportive note! It’s funny you should mention running away from home–some days, I get in my car and wonder what would happen if I just kept driving . . . I haven’t resorted to that yet, though!

  21. You have been busy! I’m glad you’re alright, Kerry. I have also been busy and got out of the habit of blogging though I have tried to keep up (and failed) with reading other people’s fascinating posts. I’m pleased you’ve had a trip away, sat with Don in the evening, done some weaving – some pleasant memories!

  22. That sounds like quite some summer! I hope those emergencies were sorted out safely. It’s good to see that a lovely, caring community of people has welcomed you back with open arms. The great thing about blogging for ourselves is that we can do as much or as little as we like – whatever’s best for us and our loved ones – without feeling bad about it.

  23. Well, you have been very busy and wise to take a writing break. Your re-entry is beautifully written, heartfelt, with a sweet bit of humor. As always, I delight in your every word. ❤ tammy

  24. Sounds like you had a very busy summer Kerry and I know that feeling – very hard sometimes to make time for blogging when you have many other things going on in your life. Maybe autumn will be a bit more settled for you – hope you and all the cats are keeping well 🙂

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