46 thoughts on “Ghost Boats

    • The boats were all at a marina across the bay from us, so they’re there all summer. Just past out house, our road terminates and there’s wetlands. I think we have a couple pairs of herons there, osprey, and bald eagles! Still trying to get photos of the eagles!

    • It’s a wonderful place to live–we’re at the end of a deadend road and its just wetlands over there toward the marina. Very quiet, most of the time. Really quiet, maybe a little too much so, in the dead of winter . . . .

      • Kerry, I understand that fine balance between wonderful, quiet place and too quiet. We lived in an 1840’s stone house for several years. It was quiet, peaceful, and oh so serene. And yet, at times it was too quiet.

    • Yes, a Great Blue. Our house is right next to a wetlands section of Lake Champlain and we always have herons, plus osprey, kingfishers, and all manner of ducks. And bald eagles!

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