Hand Quilt Along: On the Road

Sand and suntan lotion and a trip far from home do not lend themselves to hand quilting on a big unwieldy project.

And that is why hand quilters always need a portable project to tote along!

While my women’s rights quilt languishes at home, cold and alone, my fusion squares are enjoying a vacay.

And they are proliferating. At last report, I had finished 54 of these 5-inch squares. I have now finished 97, plus I have 12 more on this trip with me.


I have woven in all the crocheted ends and blocked the crochet trim on all the squares.

I am feeling like this project might be reaching its logical next step—the crocheting together of  all ochocino-neuve-jillions of squares into one big square, to be known as THE Fusion Quilt. 

I have so many gorgeous bits–some are subtle, some are sophisticated, some are splashy, some are very “loving hands at home.” I love them all.

Does this mean I have used up all the scraps of vintage prettiness that spawned the project?

Not, it does not.

I have dozens more 5-inch squares that may, one day, be incorporated into another quilt. 

But, for now, I’m going to wash the suntan lotion off my hands, stick my feet in the white sand, and sew in the sun. And get ready to finish this project!

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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76 thoughts on “Hand Quilt Along: On the Road

  1. Sun and sand? Sounds like you have escaped Winter for a little while. What a perfect project to take with you…..although many people would have just settled for a book!

  2. I so love this project of yours – it is the epitome of Kerrycan-dom I think. How exciting that a) you are vacationing in the sun and b) coming towards the final stages. I can’t wait to see it completed – it will be a masterpiece and family heirloom for ages to come.

    • I have people telling me I’m crazy, not to have been crocheting the squares together as I’ve gone along. But I definitely want that fun of arranging them!

  3. This is very interesting. My wife has Alzheimer’s. Last year she and I made a 68 block quilt. She embroidered each block and since our home is small we did quilt-as-we went. She’s past being able to participate, but I’m still interested. Your post has encouraged me to give it a shot with thread and needle. Thanks for such a fine post.

    • Oh, I do hope you finish what the two of you started! It sounds like a beautiful project, on every level, and I would hope it would give you comfort every time you touched the quilt.

    • That’s how I feel about the squares–they all seem like little gems to me. I hope they play well together, when it comes time to crochet them into one big throw.

  4. Good for you…you are missing some more miserable weather up here.

    Of all of your projects, I think I like this fusion quilt the most. Using all those bits of beautiful vintage fabric and creating one lovely and useful quilt really appeals to me. I know your finished project will be lovely.

    • I have to admit, it was hard to come back to this northern weather. We were lucky to have that time away. I really, really like this project, too–it just seems right to me.

    • I like the crochet a lot, even though I don’t much enjoy crocheting! It seems just right for this project. And we did have a lovely time away–back in the real world now, though. Sigh.

  5. Sun, sand AND these gorgeous squares – you go girl! I hope you are having a wonderful break from the cold. But, mostly, I want you to know I am in awe of this project. Each one of these squares expresses its unique beauty and history. It is going to be an amazing finished project. Thank you for allowing us to see some of the finished squares which are basically small examples of our history. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

    • You express, so well, the reason I’ve been loving this project! Just think how many women’s hands it took to make it! We’ve all worked together well . . . Thanks, Judy.

  6. The lovely thing about handwork you take along on a sunshine trip is that no-one is expecting a tremendous amount of progress (except you yourself, perhaps). A small snooze, a break to enjoy a drink or a book, and then back to busy hands away from home. It’s a pretty summery project, perfect for a winter holiday in the sun.

    • The way you described that, it’s as if you were there, watching me! I didn’t make that much progress but “many drops will turn the mill.” And I’m in no hurry to finish this project really. I like it so much.

  7. Oh I love this project, and remember loving it the last time you wrote about it, when it inspired me then, as it does now, to think about doing something similar with my wedding dress. Thanks so much for the reminder and for sharing such great pictures of your beautiful work. 🙂

  8. You made me feel sorry for your women’s rights quilt, all lonely and sad!
    I am so pleased you have got away from the cold and snow and instead of working on your tan you are working on your fusion quilt! It is going to be so lovely when it’s finished. I can imagine visitors to your home not being able to peel themselves away from it, admiring each and every square and telling themselves stories about them!

    • I will spend time with the women’s rights quilt today–I hope it will forgive me! (My cats are still punishing me for going away and leaving them.) It’s the stories behind each of those little squares that I’ve enjoyed about this project. Lots of room for interesting imaginings!

    • Thanks, Jean! I’m back home now and we’re having this really icky wintry mix of precipitation . . . I need to go look at some photos from the trip, I think.

    • I’m more of a burner than a tanner, I’m afraid, but I managed to get a little color! I have to admit, the crocheting together of all those squares is kind of daunting . . .

  9. Hands away from home! This quilt project is just brilliant. Imagine the many hands that made and held those squares. Soak up the sun and water to bring home with you.

    • I wish I could’ve brought the sun home with me–it’s nasty here right now, although I think the weather is supposed to get a little better this week–maybe the sap will start to run! I love thinking about the women who worked on this project before I got to it, by making all those little bits of prettiness.

  10. A little get-away refreshes and inspires one I think. Although, the completion of your women’s rights quilt is anticipated; this fusion quilt has caught my heart. Every bit and piece has a story. Thanks for sharing the boardwalk photo – I feel the sunny warmth! 🙂

    • The fusion quilt is close to my heart, too–all those women who contributed to it! In fact, I think it’s kind of cool that both quilts I’m working on celebrate women’s words and work!

  11. Those blocks are gorgeous,looking forward to seeing them all together! So glad you got to enjoy some sun and sand, hoping the cold doesn’t last so long this spring for y’all up north.

    • It was really nice to go to the beach for a week! Hard to come home, though–I think spring is coming very late this year. The maple syrup producers are waiting and waiting for the sap to flow . . .

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