A Weaving Tease

I’m making yet another batch of kitchen towels. The way I have my loom set up, I see the back of the pattern when I weave.


The back . . .

I had to use a hand mirror at first, to make sure it was all coming out correctly.


The front . . .

Can you see what’s developing?


Is weaving cool or what?!

65 thoughts on “A Weaving Tease

  1. Weaving is most definitely cool. Can’t wait to see the other side of these linens (I hesitate to say ‘right’ side because the ‘wrong’ side looks amazing!). 🙂

  2. This is almost like a Rorschach test. Part of this design looks like a row of carrots to me. Am I crazy or what?

    • Thank you! I like the eggplants, too, but they will only be on the first two towels. I am not a purple fan, generally, and I used all the purple thread I had, in the correct weight, to make the first two towels! And I can’t bring myself to buy a whole bunch more, just for a few aubergines!

    • Thanks, Sharon–the colors look great against that natural background. The only one I’m not sure of is the white of the green onions–it may not show up much.

    • One of the green rows, the small one, was just experimenting to make sure I had the threading right. But the bigger green row also has white and is green onions! I am getting a huge kick out of these!

    • I can’t take any credit for the cleverness–someone else came up with the pattern. But I am thrilled to have reached stage of weaving where I can pull this technique off!

    • It is! I could fix the loom so I would see the positive on top but it would mean lifting more weight with my legs (yes, confusing, I know) and I don’t want to work that hard!

  3. It looks like SPRING to me, Kerry! So happy and full of life and color. I saw the carrots or what looked like carrots first. Then all the rest of the cheery colors. It’s just beautiful. I have some wonderful towels that get used quite a bit but nothing as nice as those. Love your towels. 😉 How wise to use a mirror to see the topside.

    • Maybe that’s why I’m getting such a kick out of weaving these–any real gardening is weeks off but I can make corn and onions and carrots right now, on my loom!

    • I can’t take credit fo any cleverness–someone else came up with the patterns for the veggies. I just now got the confidence, as a weaver, to give this technique a whirl.

  4. Wow! I wove those patterns in a workshop and really had trouble. I know that you are a lot more patient than I am and they are going to be wonderful. And to those who say it’s too much work for a hand towel – – – as I age I want to sue and make beautiful things! No matter the cost, no matter how precious!

    • After the first time I wove the carrots and corn, I cut that piece off and wet finished it . . . and it was very elongated and just not right. So, now I am beating very hard and changed the pattern a little. It all gets easier but the corn is the worst, with three shuttles. I agree with you wholeheartedly about using pretty things that please us–life’s too short not to!

  5. I love it. The design is beautiful. Seeing your posts almost makes me want to take up weaving – though I don’t think that I’d have to patience to do it well.

    • It’s funny, the different things we each have patience for. I would not have the patience for, say, doing counted cross stitch or, like you, testing recipes. And yet the weaving seems worth it to me . . .

    • A lot of weaving patterns and structures are ancient, since weaving is ancient. Now, there are on-line databases, as well as old-fashioned books, that give details. And software, so contemporary weavers can try out new ideas. The veggie patterns on these towels were in an old issue of Handwoven magazine. Not much new under the sun!

  6. Oh my! I luv this! The rabbits are hopping everywhere, here in our little TX place. It must have been a good year to expand their little bunny families! You are one creative lady!!!

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    • I could set the loom up so I’d see the front but it would mean that, where I know press a treadle and lift 1 shaft, I’d press that treadle and lift 7–lots harder work!

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